Please help me determine postal fees from UK to US

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  1. I just purchased a pair of Louboutins from a seller in the UK. She ships to the US, but the actual cost was not stated in the listing. I just received an invoice with a postage fee that I consider very excessive. I have NEVER complained about postal fees and even if I knew I was being slightly overcharged, I ignore it and pay without complaining. And if the amount is listed, of course I do not bid if it seems excessive. I suppose I should have asked first, but the within-UK postage didn't seem excessive and I figured I had nothing to worry about. I received an invoice with a postage fee of 40 GBP! :wtf: Maybe I am dense, but this seems outrageous for a pair of shoes that would weigh approximately 730 grams.

    I asked how they would be shipped (without yet mentioning that this seems excessive) and she just stated International signed for express. Can anyone confirm if this is a normal amount? If I am totally wrong, please let me know, but I do ship things quite often and I know it can be costly to send bags overseas via express and with insurance, but this person didn't even mention insurance and we are talking shoes and not a large bag. :confused1:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Yes the shipping fee does seem high. I ship via International Signed For quite alot and you can only send packages under 2kg in weight via this way. I would imagine for a pair of shoes plus the insurance it would cost somewhere in the region of £15 (about $30) to send by International Signed For, that's based on quite a heavy pair of shoes.
    I recently sold a pair of my Louboutin Prive's to an international buyer which were quite heavy to post and it cost just over £15.
    Perhaps it might be an idea to email the seller asking if she wouldn't mind double checking the shipping fee?
  3. I'd ask the seller exactly what service they are using......:yes:

    40 GBP would cover Parcelforce Global Priority which is express and signed for. It's a very expensive service....but UK-US express services are extortionate :Push::sweatdrop:

    The Royal Mail "signed-for" services like Airsure and International signed-for are not particularly fast - and certainly not express - but they are a lot more reasonably priced as moi et mes sacs and thebigbagaddict point out;)

    HTH :heart:
  4. i have always used royal mail in the past and it has been ok with my buyers.
  5. ^^^Oh yes, Royal Mail service are great :tup:

    I was just trying to fathom out why the seller is charging 40 GBP and all I could think was they are using the expensive Parcelforce Global Priority service:shrugs:

    Did you find out bulletproofsoul?
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    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    It does sound a lot but I also remember that post offices can vary enormously in how helpful they are in directing people to the most economic and appropriate service. When I first started selling overseas, it took a buyer who received lots of items from the UK to tell me about the small package Airsure service as my post office had always directed me straight to Parcel Force which was exorbitantly expensive. I did my research and worked the system out for myself eventually but it took a while as there are lots of tarrifs! The other point my Post Office made repeatedly is that it was only Parcel Force that offered a completely tracked and signed for service - the Royal Mail, according to them, only offered tracking to the country of destination and then a signature on receipt with a black hole of information in between whilst the parcel travelled from airport to buyer's address. My suggestion would be a friendly email querying whether that is the cost using Airsure as that is the service with which you'd be happy and link to the relevant page on and take it from there. HTH.