Please help me decorate my apartment!

  1. I think purple and yellow go well together. Especially if it's a muted yellow. Take a look at those palettes I posted too - lots of great color combos to get you thinking.
  2. The lighting fixtures seemed a little expensive for how simple they were. Do you want simple? IMO, the table is really simple and a wacky light fixture could spice it up.

  3. thanks! the noise thing isn't really a factor anymore bc i'm not working out in my apartment (though i should be. eek) but the other part is a good point, thanks!

    more ideas please!!!
  4. i do think i want simple. tell me what you mean by wacky? i think there were some that were around 100-200. i like the clean line esp after having my hateful one for so long.
  5. i like the last one of those twigs. i liked the flower but i think i would end up hating it. the first one- meh.
  6. Check out Home'll save some money! Much better prices on many of their lights.
  7. uh twigs- some of the home depot ones are way more than the ones i picked. i have a thing against home depot. gives me the heebie jeebies.
  8. Have you ever shopped at Home Goods? I have a ton of things in my place from there. I think you're in NYC if I remember right from another thread. There's a store in Secaucus if you have access to (or someone with) a car. And their site says a new store will be opening on Columbus & 100th at the end of May if you're going to take your time decorating.
  9. yea, a few of them were more expensive....I was just generally showing as examples. Awwww, no home depot? I used to love that store when I owned a house. I just wanted to buy their sample kitchens and bathrooms.

    Anyhow, my advice still stands....focus on one thing at a time. Better for your wallet and your sanity!
  10. I really like your apartment and I envy you living in NYC!!

    I agree with tackling one space at a time- and would start with the dining/living room. I think a bold, colorful light over the table would look great. Love the basket idea for the coffee table.

    I know you don't want to but I would put all four chairs around the table...and I would put the ottoman with the chair.
  11. some of the color palettes are awesome!

    I love the idea that YHL did with Sue (??) the napkin! So many color combos that work well together.