Please help me decise cute shoulder bag


Which bag should I get ?

  1. Tikal GM

  2. Tikal PM

  3. Tulum PM

  4. Hudson

  5. Lodge PM

  6. Eliza

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  1. I have the itch to get new bag. I think I need shoulder bag not too big but big enough for my PTI, sunglasses,cell,cles, camera and DH wallet. I use damier recoletta at the moment but I think I need something in mono or MC
    What do you think with my options below ?
    Thanks for your time

    Tikal GM
    Tikal PM
    Tulum PM
    Lodge PM
    tikalgm.jpg tikalpm.jpg tulumpm.jpg hudson.jpg lodgepm.jpg eliza.jpg
  2. The tulum or the lodge.
  3. Hudson all the way!
  4. [​IMG] or [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]This one is really nice.
  6. Tulum !
  7. I am so torn between hudson and tikal...aargghh..actually I want all of them..but only can afford 1
  8. The Eliza is adorable. I considering for my next bag but I'm worried that it's just too small with a capacity of 247 cubic inches (10.4 X 6.1 X 3.9)

    I always do the math on the dimensions to get an idea of interior size.
    I know this probably sounds weird, but you can estimate how much you can fit in a purse by doing this calculation (a difference of 75 inches is the difference between a large pochette and the mini, etc. or fitting your camera or not.)

    Hudson is 345 cu in.
    Tikal PM is 148 cu in.
    Tikal GM is 624 cu in.
    Lodge PM is 302 cu in.
    Tulum PM is 457 cu in.

  9. Thanks...I think it still come down to Tikal Gm and Hudson..
  10. Well the Tikal probably weighs less since it has less hardware. But the Tikal GM is more of a large shoulder bag than small or medium. Is there a boutique nearby where you could put them side by side to make your decision?
  11. hudson or lodge.
  12. I have these bag on my list to try on. I have 2 LV boutiques within 10 mins from where I live. It doesn't surprise me if I end up with something not on my list.
    thanks ladies
  13. You'll have to let us know what you end up getting. I actually went in with a list (photos pasted on a single word doc page from elux pics) and tried them all on. I also had the Hudson and the Lodge on my list, too. I was with DH and he hated the Lodge as soon as he saw it, so that kind of jaded the way I perceived it. He thought it looked 'high school/cowgirl'. The size is nice, though & I liked the zipper, but the Hudson was just so pretty that I had a hard time putting it back on the counter. The SA said "I knew you were going to pick that one", she said because I kept looking back at it while I was trying to check out the other ones.

    It's a big decision, so you should definitely take your time. You wouldn't want to have regrets after the fact. Happy shopping!
  14. i love the Tikal PM! it's so cute :love:!

    the Hudson is beautiful too, but i'd be irritated with the strap down the center
  15. Eliza :love: