Please help me deciding my first Bbag

  1. Hi,
    I am so happy to particepate in this forum with you guys, i can see ur opiniuns are really helpfull.
    I was'nt a Balenciaga girl until I touched and hold it
    And I couldnt resist buying one despite I was in a hurry.
    I got a velo in cumin which is wonderful and I cant wait to use it at work as I bought it as a work bag.

    But now I cant resist buying another one! A city!
    But I am really confused and not sure what to choose
    I like the gris poivre and gris tramac and latte, and I really loved the purple with gold H and dont forget the black RgH !

    So confusing
    But what would be my choice in my first city bag.
    Specially that I wont have another one in this year
  2. I think purple with gold hardware sounds beautiful. You should buy one that fits in with your wardrobe well. I saw you can never go wrong with a black city! Goodluck!
  3. i knew someone who had a gris poivre mRGHW, it is gorgeous!
    but have never seen any bal in mGHW before! Please share if you have any :smile: think of getting one as my second bal in black GGH myself!
  4. maybe get the black with mRGH? I heard they are discontinuing it.
    Are you using the City bag as your work bag also? or for shopping/ chillout day?
  5. Hi all, thnx for the help ,
    Yeah I want to use it for everyday since I have the velo cumin for work
  6. I have a feeling that the black city is a little bit dull?
    Or maybe if i saw it in real life i'll change my mind?

    So confused specially that my wardrobe has different colors
    I have so many biegy brown clothes thats why i am afraid to get the gris tarmac
    Also i have a lot of camel color bags and a new cumin velo so i dont think about the gris poivre although i like it alot

    Confused :sad:
  7. I have never own a black Bbag before. But i've seen several women carrying black GGH city and they were so gorgeous!!!
    But the problem is just that bal GGH 21 are extremely hard to find. So instead of hunting for it, would you want to wait and see the F/W 2012 mini gold HW?
    I am very interested myself... probably getting a mini pompom black mini gold hardwares so that the HW looks relatively big with the small mini pompon!!
    Anyways, I think that if you like the shade, just go
    for it! You might find it entirely different compare to the other bags in your closet.
    Hope I am some help to you! :smile:
  8. The gris poivre is gorgeous!!!!!!! Im plannning on getting that one
  9. Since you have Cumin, I wouldn't go for GP as it is kinda beige, neither Latte. The purple is great and I always love colors on my Bal bags, but the Black is definitely a classic, so if you are not going to buy one more for a little while I would say the Black is in order.