Please help me deciding for Garden Party

  1. Hey girls, I would luv to get your opinion, I already had Bougainville GP, but I just had a chance to get another GP in Cassis! :loveeyes::loveeyes:

    Should I get Cassis again? I use GP only on the weekend due to my professional work might not suitable to GP but B.

    Should I have 2 GPs to use on weekend? I love Cassis dince it won't get dirty easily. :P:P

  2. i personali think 1 GP is enuf. perhaps save for another bag :smile: cassis is a very nice color. and as u said u dont use it that often. perhaps a cabag or evelyn?
  3. I assume you meant all leather GP for both the Bougainvillea and the Cassis ?
    Would you consider leather/canvas combination for a little bit of variation perhaps ?
    I have Cassis GP in leather/canvas and wouldn't mind getting another one, but in a classic colour like Etoupe to differ the bags further. That's just my personal opinion though.
    Like Dokboki mentioned, perhaps venture another design in the Cassic colour ?
  4. Hi I have a Bougainvillea Shoulder GP and Cassis all leather GP. I only use them every other week even I love them both. So I think its very personal preference and if you like it , why not? just go for it! Here are mine for your reference, hope it help. :smile:

  5. I think you should go for it! :biggrin: I have a rouge casaque all leather GP and would jump to buy another coloured GP!

    GPs are such a plain, classic style, that you can't go wrong with them IMO! Some people collect birkins - I think I could easily collect leather GPs :graucho:
  6. Plus the cassis fjord leather is just DELICIOUS. The grain in the leather is beautiful :love: I personally much prefer the all leather GPs to the canvas/leather ones. The all leather GPs are a bit less casual than the canvas ones, which I like!
  7. I have several GPs both in leather and canvas. Love them ALL! If it is in your budget then I say go for it.
  8. very pretty colours:smile:
  9. I would get the Cassis. Bougainvillea GP is great for Spring/Summer. Cassis GP is perfect for Autumn/Winter. I have Bougainvillea and Rouge H. I am getting ready to pull out the Rouge H. The only thing stopping me is the 93 degree weather today in NoCal. :biggrin:
  10. If money is no issue, I would say go for it. The Cassis is a very nice colour and very different from bougainville. Even if you only use it during the weekend, it's nice to have a variety. Besides, I think bougainville is spring/summer and Cassis is autumn/winter.
  11. Agree with Fansynancy. It's good to have variety & Cassis is such a lovely colour!!