Please help me decide!

  1. Hello bag lovers, I've been eyeing the YSL tote for the last couple of weeks, (still deciding between the blue or the dark grey) and was about to pull the trigger when I saw this beauty and kind of fell in love : small cabas phantom. I'm looking for a casual tote and I know nothing about Celine bags. Just a bit worried that the leather will easily scratch and I have to baby the bag. Also, is it roomy and hold enough stuff? Which one would you choose? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences I will post in both Celine & YSL forum to see the outcome ! IMG_1494345139.573464.jpg i IMG_1494345164.525552.jpg
  2. I have both of these bags! I actually have the Cabas Phantom in both the Medium and Small and in different leathers. The Cabas Phantom is much more functional and easy to use. It is one of my favorite bags ever!
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  3. I don't own either one, but I prefer Celine better; the leather on Celine looks thicker. And Celine makes that bag in drummed leather as well.
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  4. After hearing horror stories from all things YSL here on the forum, I would still with Celine. I don't own anything YSL so this bag bag be practical/durable. I do however, have experience with Céline and love their construction and leather quality.
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  5. I have two Celine Cabas phantoms and I think they are perfect totes. The leather is thick, the quality outstanding and they look so stylish with the belt.
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    Thanks lovely ladies, yes, after deliberating I have also decided to go with the Celine. I went to the Celine shop and saw the taupe in drummed (?) leather and love it! Now, I just have to decide if I should go with the Taupe in drummed leather or the Blue with tassels with smooth leather View attachment 3697221 View attachment 3697224
  7. Definitely Celine ! I too have heard horror stories of YSL. I saw the YSL tote in person last week and it just did not feel as substantial, as other lux brands out there, Good luck!
  8. I am unable to view the images, but both sound beautiful. I personally prefer the drummed leather, because I am afraid of scratches with the smooth leather.
  9. The drummed leather is indestructible and holds its shape well. The smooth leather will show some marks, in my case slight fingernail scratches and from my keys, although it doesn't bother me greatly. Blue is my favourite colour but the taupe is so incredibly versatile. Good luck deciding
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  10. I have the drummed leather Phantom tote in black and use almost everyday! I love it! Holds a lot even though I got size small. No scratches as I find the leather very durable. Mind you I take it on the shuttle, sports games, work , vacay...
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  11. The YSL tote felt a little underwhelming to me. Sorry to be blunt, but IMO it looks and feels cheap IRL.
    I haven't tried the Celine Phantom, but it already looks better than the YSL tote in person.
  12. Agree with BigCherry, drummed leather is really indestructible! And with coucou Chanel on the ysl tote looking and feeling cheap in real life. Go with the Celine definitely :smile:
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  13. I think you definitely made a great choice with the Céline. Is it just me or does the leather on the YSL already seem to be losing its shape? And so weird that there's a little fake key pochette, haha.
  14. So glad you went with the Celine! My sister has a cabas phantom and she loves it.
  15. What horror stories have you heard regarding YSL? I was about to purchase the tote! Now I'm holding off.. I did purchase cosmetics once and could not get hold of YSL after 10 calls and multiple emails to return a product due to an allergy!