Please help me decide!

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  1. Hi lovely TPFers. I'm debating if I should get the berri? Any suggestions or pros n cons ?

    I'm looking for a bag for everyday use.
    Thanks in advance

    IMG_1469328939.175810.jpg IMG_1469328969.259021.jpg
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  2. It really looks nice on you. What is your hesitation?
  3. looks great on you!
  4. About the leather being on the bottom, I'm afraid that it will get dirty fast.
  5. What size is this? I really want to pull the trigger on this bag but I hesitate because of all the vachetta.
  6. I love it, it looks great on you.
  7. It's pm size. That what I'm afraid of but its very comfortable on.

    Thank you :smile:
  8. Personally I wouldn't buy a bag with all that vachetta on the corners. I've seen used bags on EBay with corners like that and they look awful. It's up to you though how careful you'll be or how much you'll worry about them. It's a pretty bag. :smile:
  9. Hm, I do not like the zipper pull. i tested the Berri in store and the zipper goes not easy. I think for that style (zipper goes down) is a problem. Good luck to decide
  10. I think it looks great on you. Personally I wouldn't hesitate to buy it because of the vachetta. Worst case is that it gets dirty and you get the vachetta replaced. As long as you aren't putting your bag down on the ground I would think you'd be ok. I think once it gets a nice patina it's going to look even better!
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  11. It looks good. A great choice.
  12. This bag looks awesome on you! I have this in the MM and am a bit embarrassed to say it gets limited use only because I prefer smaller bags in summer and can't seem to stop using my Proenza Schoulers for their pop of color :-s. This will get heavy use fall/winter. Here are my pro/cons...

    1. It is not a very common bag! I have seen only one person carrying this bag since its release. I live in a city with 2 LV stores, so the brand is not uncommon.
    2. It has an amazing slouch.
    3. Love how the handle attaches to the bag like the Artsy :heart:
    4. The vachetta corners makes this very unique. I considered that my hands touch many surfaces as well including lotions/soaps and the handle has the same risks of stains just like the bottom. I chose to treat mine prior to use.
    5. Double zipper pulls offer easy access
    6. Canvas is super squishy
    7. Clochette can be hotstamped
    8. Looking forward to the patina!
    1. For me...the MM is big, but I have a long torso and like a longer drop but prefer the look of the PM
    2. The vachetta corners...if you are going to be overly cautious/concerned you probably won't enjoy the bag and would recommend another daily bag.
    3. No zipper compartment, so will need SLGs to help organize.

    Good luck! :smile:
  13. Honestly? I don't love it. Those leather corners look so dated to me! And will be filthy so fast. Nah. If you didn't immediately love it in the store, you aren't going to love it more at home. Pass and wait for something that makes your heart sing!
  14. Thank you for very detailed information

    I love how the bag sit against my body and it a very comfy bag to wear.
  15. Looks good!