Please help me decide..

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  1. Hi guys,

    I bought my first chanel last year in paris. I was there on my baby moon and had saved up for my first chanel. Unfortunately there were so many things that went wrong with that trip. Long story short , I could not find the exact bag I was hoping for ( Beige Claire Jumbo Caviar with GHW) and instead bought the black medium flap with SHW. Big compromise now I know. But the euro rate was so good back then, I decided to buy the flap.

    I dont regret buying the medium size, I have the worn the bag a lot in the past year and I love it. But I am so sad that the Beige is d/c now and its impossible to find a brand new one:sad:

    I already have a black flap and now am really confused about which one to get next.

    New: Jumbo Black Caviar with GHW which is such a classic
    Or Try to find mint one from consignment store: : Beige Claire with GHW

    What are your experiences with consignment stores? I am worried that buying beige will be hard coz Im gonna need one without any scuffs or marks. Light colour in seconds is it a good idea?

    OR I just get a black Jumbo with GHW and get the Lady Dior in Beige and GHW to mix it up.

    Please help.
  2. Calflu posted a beige one earlier in Boutique Finds thread
  3. Hi JoeyLouis, I saw that. Thank you! But I am really keen on Gold Hardware and that one has Silver.

    I am looking for the Beige with Gold Hardware Or Black with Gold Hard Ware and first need to make the decision on which one to buy.

    Beige Claire was such a classic. Cannot understand where Chanel is going with D/C that colour and the GST.
  4. Since you already have a black I would try to find a beige one.. and then a jumbo black later on! Because it is definitely a classic and must have. I know the beige has been discontinued but I have seen some notifications from SAs of a few still trickling in. If you have no luck there, maybe try eBay?
  5. Thanks Missheo, Im keeping an eye out for a beige. I would love to buy from boutique though or one that looks brand new if from consignment. So scared about chanel on ebay though. Also worried bag may have stains/ scuffs.

    Any thoughts on buying through consignment?
  6. I've never bought from a consignment store, only dept store/boutique or eBay. Luckily all my eBay purchases were exactly as described and all authentic. When buying off eBay I always make sure the buyer has a 100% positive rating as seller and I always buy new with compete set. I'm too scared to buy pre-owned, one persons description of "good condition" might not be up to my "good condition" standards.

    That link you posted, is one of SAs I use. I may have seen that the beige is coming in from one of her email subscriptions lol Try emailing her to find out, she's very responsive. Good luck on your hunt!
  7. I own the beige Lady Dior with GHW. It's another good option to consider for a different look.