Please help me decide

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  1. Hi,

    I recently bought a GST caviar G/H about 2 weeks ago because they didn't have any black classic flap bag in stock. Then my SA told me that she has jumbo and large classic flap diamond quilted in stock. I couldn't resist them and I bought both of them in black caviar G/H.

    Now I have 3 chanel black caviar G/H. I was wondering if I should exchange one of them to lamb skin S/H? (Because I only like lamb skin in silver hardware- not in gold and I thought that I can mantain lamb skin a bit better in smaller size bag). But I have a WOC in lamb skin with S/H. Such a dilema. Please let me know what do you think? Thank you so much! Xx
  2. Such a nice predicament to be in lol. I personally would exchange one for a SHW just to have a slight variation. I would probably do the jumbo, that way you have a bigger bag and the WOC with the shw, and also have a big and smaller bag with the ghw =) That's just my personal preference, if you do decide to keep all 3 in ghw that's perfectly fine too. Whatever you love most. They're all gorgeous bags so you can't really go wrong. And even if you do keep all 3 ghw, even though they're the same color combo, they're all different bags for different occasions and purposes. Good luck deciding!
  3. Thank you for your reply, it helps me a lot 😊😊
  4. Anyonelse want to share their thougts? Pleaseee 🙏❤️