Please Help me decide!

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  1. Friends,

    I am somewhat new to TPF and thankful for this resource as its been so helpful! It's also dangerous because now I've become addicted to Chanel! [emoji13]

    So I am planning to get the 226 new Chevron reissue, several ladies have posted theirs and it's beautiful! Today I learned that there is also a black chevron with GHW! So I'm debating between:

    Black chevron with black HW , OR
    Black chevron with gold HW

    I was sold on the Black HW but saw the Gold and now confused!

    I recently purchased the 225 Reissue in RHW which I love but it's slightly smaller than what I need for everyday. So I use it mostly on weekends or for events. It's RHW so it's a bit more casual. I am planning to use the 226 for work , everyday since it's bigger. I love the chevron and live the reissue because it's lightweight and always need a crossbody option. Other than the 225 I have a mini square (silver hw)

    I basically only wear neutral colors (black/gray) and work in a setting that requires attending more formal events but it's the non profit industry. I often have meetings with donors and companies. But want the bag to fit also jeans and blazer or weekend casual if needed. I'm worried the gold HW might be too blingy but worry the black shiny HW might be too edgy?

    As you can tell I'm really torn!! Opinions? Thank you in advance!!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462379328.724449.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462379338.746453.jpg
  2. I like the RHW
  3. Black, but of course, you have to really like one over the other.
  4. I say black. If you decide later you want a reissue or different chanel bag with gold hardware, they will always be there.
  5. I have the reissue 226 black on black quilted and love it! I can dress it up or down . It is understated yet elegant. I like the black on black best but both are gorgeous bags. Both would work well for your needs.
  6. I'm sure you know which one I prefer...the black on black of course [emoji12] I feel it's so unique so you have to jump on it now. There'll always be reissues w gold hardware. Just my humble opinion lol
  7. I think the black hardware really suits the chevron + distressed style of the bag.
  8. The black hardware for sure!
  9. I love the black hardware. Seasonal bag that is so unique.
  10. +1

    The Black on Black is here today...gone tomorrow. Grab that Seasonal while you can. There are so many choices with Black with GHW, new, Vintage, etc.

    Can't wait to see what you get! Looking forward to your Reveal! :biggrin:

    PS. I got a CF Jumbo So Black and I absolutely love that handbag. It's a forever handbag I think. :heart:
  11. Vote for black![emoji16]
  12. Black!!! :loveeyes:
  13. Black all day long! ❤️
  14. Normally I love ghw on a black reissue but for this chevron, black hardware is the way to go!! It looks amazing on the chevron.
  15. Vote for black hardware!
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