Please help me decide!

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  1. I've been wanting a new bag that's not black but still neutral for a while and finally found something I LOVE! Unfortunately I found 3 :wtf: Can you please help me by ranking the 3 bags? I should only get 1 but maybe 2 :Push:

    1. Givenchy Pandora in medium
    2. Gucci Dionysus in medium
    3. Saint Laurent College in large

    THANK YOU!!!

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  2. This is hard because I love all three bags. For me personally I would go with the Pandora as my number one pick. The pandora is just such a great every day bag and has a cool and unique vibe.
    Between the other two I personally lean a bit more toward the YSL just because I saw it in NM the other day and it was a head turner. Let us know what you decide!
  3. You wear them all so well! Tho, I'm not crazy about this Pandora combo. I'm drawn to the Gucci, but I think it looks awkward on most people when worn on the shoulder. So, my vote's for the YSL due to its sophisticated versatility.
  4. Hi bagsnshoes5 ,

    I prefer the Givenchy and the YSL .. So , I would rank the bags : YSL , Pandora then Gucci ..

    Good Luck :heart:
  5. Wow, all 3 are great choices. I would get the Gucci and the Givenchy...the SL is nice but in this instance I like the other 2 just a bit better.
  6. Love you in the panda. My first choice by far. Gucci is nice if you dont have a clutch, but the ysl needs dressier outfit
  7. Pandora because it can be casual and dressed up. It is also super user friendly and durable.
  8. The Saint Laurent of these 3.
  9. Don't like the Gucci one. Pandora or ysl, depends if you are casual or chic.
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    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
    Thank you! I also feel that this color is not the best for Pandora. I'm afraid if I get this color that one day I still want to get it in black.
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    Thank you everyone for your reply! The College bag has some scratches (they're not horrible, but noticeable up close) and it's the last one they have, so they offered me 25% off - do you think it's worth it? It would be nice to get a brand new bag, but I figured it will get scratches sooner than later? If I take the discount, it will be final sale...

    I'll look at the bags one more time before making the decision ;)
  12. I'm a fan of the Gucci! I was in the store today and came so close to buying one myself! I just love the juxtaposition of the classic and modern
  13. I'll go with SL, Givenchy & lastly Gucci. Gucci Dionysus is a popular design but I find it hard to pull off.

    If the scratches aren't too bad and can be salvaged, I'll go for the 25% discount! :P
  14. I know, I wish I can get all of them! I have been thinking to get Pandora for a year, but I feel that I might like the black one better than this color, but I have a few black bags already. What a dilemma!
  15. The discount is very tempting! The good thing is the scratches are not located at the most visible locations - they're at the bottom of the bag, top handle and inside flap.