Please help me decide!

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  1. I've been wanting a new bag that's not black but still neutral for a while and finally found something I LOVE! Unfortunately I found 3 :wtf: Can you please help me by ranking the 3 bags? I should only get 1 but maybe 2 :Push:

    1. Givenchy Pandora in medium
    2. Gucci Dionysus in medium
    3. Saint Laurent College in large

    THANK YOU!!!

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  2. I like all three designers but in this case I like the Saint Laurent. I like the Dionysus but not the monogramme. The Pandora is a weird shape in my opinion. The Saint Laurent is elegant and practical. Second place Gucci
  3. Thanks for your reply! The Saint Laurent one has some scratches (they're not horrible, but noticeable up close) and it's the last one they have, so they offered me 25% off - do you think it's worth it? It would be nice to get a brand new bag, but I figured it will get scratches sooner than later? If I take the discount, it will be final sale...
  4. That's always a difficult choice if there's any chance you may decide to return. It's great if you are absolutely sure though. Will the scratches bother you?
  5. I thought this would be an easy decision until I saw the photos! The Saint Laurent is my first choice. But if you can get two, get the Gucci also.
  6. The good thing is the scratches are not located at the most visible locations - they're at the bottom of the bag, top handle and inside flap.
  7. personally i do not like the dionysus in monogramme either. i would go for the SL too!

    I do not like the pandora in slouchy leather either.
  8. Hi!! I think the Saint Laurent one is absolutely stunning and seems to suit you so much! :okay: If I had to rank I would go 1) Saint Laurent 2) Givenchy then 3) Gucci. Seeing your outfits in the three photos I feel like the Saint Laurent would look great with whatever you wear and has such a classy feel! with the Gucci it seems like it will be restricted to fewer occasions, while the Givenchy feels extremely casual and in my opinion looks a little bit odd when carried because of its lack of shape.

    If the scratches don't bother you too much I say go SL all the way! Beautiful colour and understated but still elegant and can be dressed up or down! :loveeyes::loveeyes:
  9. Saint Laurent, hands down.
  10. The Saint laurent college is really gorgeous, I would say go for that!

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  11. Saint Laurent College in large!
  12. Vote for number 3 - the SL is absolutely gorgeous!!
  13. 3, 2, 1
  14. I vote for the Saint Laurent, for a few reasons, but it depends somewhat on how you usually dress and what your needs are.

    1) The Pandora is very casual. The Dionysus is dressy. The SL goes either way, so it will be the most versatile.
    2) The SL is more classic, whereas the others are a bit trendier. I think you might get tired of them once the 'buzz' dies down.
    3) I haven't seen them all up close, but have owned a couple of Saint Laurent and Gucci bags and find the SL to be better made.

    Good luck -- always fun to debate a special purchase!! Let us all know what you decide!
  15. ps I agree with everyone who said the Pandora is an odd shape and don't like the Gucci monogram as much. If you want a second bag, I would vote for a Dionysus b/c it's dressier -- the Givenchy will be a bit more redundant if you're getting the SL (and for 25% off, it's worth it if the scratches won't bother you!)...

    BUT, have you looked at the Dionysus in other fabrications? There's a red suede that's beautiful (on the Gucci website) and would work as a neutral accent with a lot of outfits.