Please help me decide!

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  1. I've been wanting a new bag that's not black but still neutral for a while and finally found something I LOVE! Unfortunately I found 3 :wtf: Can you please help me by ranking the 3 bags? I should only get 1 but maybe 2 :Push:

    1. Givenchy Pandora in medium
    2. Gucci Dionysus in medium
    3. Saint Laurent College in large

    THANK YOU!!!

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  2. I vote for number 2….it looks great on you. :heart:
  3. Dionysus hands down 😍😍😍
  4. The Dionysus and if you're getting 2, and the Pandora.
  5. I like the Dionysus for dressier occasions and the College for casual occasions. Both beautiful. Depends on your needs. However I am not a fan of the Pandora. Good luck deciding!
  6. I think the Dionysus and the College look really cool on you. You couldn't go wrong with either, they really suit your style and you could use either for dressier occasions too.

    The Pandora doesn't seem to 'up the game' of your outfit overall, even though it prob. costs as much as the other two.
  7. Dionysus for sure!
    Looks great on you :tup:
  8. They're all gorgeous by the College is my favorite!
  9. Thank you! I do feel that the taupe-ish color might not be the best for Pandora, I personally like it better in black but I have a few black bags already...
  10. Thank you everyone for your reply! The College bag has some scratches (they're not horrible, but noticeable up close) and it's the last one they have, so they offered me 25% off - do you think it's worth it? It would be nice to get a brand new bag, but I figured it will get scratches sooner than later? If I take the discount, it will be final sale...

    I'll look at the bags one more time before making the decision ;)
  11. I still say go for the Dionysus! It's to die for and looks lovely on you 😍😍😍
  12. My advice is to get the bag that calls to you....the discount sounds very tempting...but it will not be worth it unless you are in love. Good luck deciding :heart:
  13. I love the college much more than the other bags--it's stunning! Getting it at 25% off is even better!
  14. College gets my vote. Follow your heart ;)