please help me decide....

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  1. I'm going to be buying a new wallet and an agenda. These are my choices...a fushia vernis zippy wallet and a monogram agenda...or a monogram zippy wallet and a fushia vernis agenda. I had the zippy purse (the one with only 2 cc slots, and I just sold it, so I'm getting the bigger one next week):smile: Please help...I've been racking my brain over this decision!!!! haha
  2. fushia vernis zippy wallet!
    I think that one is so cutee.
  3. Mono zippy and Vernis Agenda!
  4. I would do the mono zippy wallet and the vernis agenda.

    The wallet will get abused a little more (used a lot more) and you will be putting coins and stuff in it, plus receipts and things. I think it is so expensive for the zippy (almost $700 with tax) that I would get one you can keep for many many years that will look really beautiful no matter what you do to it. I don't think the vernis is quite as durable for something like a wallet. Don't get me wrong - it's durable - it's just not as durable.

    That said - I think the agenda in the framboise or pomme - is gorgeous! It is also much less expensive (about 1/2 the price of the zippy wallet) - so - if two years down the line, it's gets some color transfer or scratched up a bit - or if the edges darken - you won't be nearly so heartsick to replace it - Much easier to come up with the funds and you may want another pretty color by then.

    In the meantime - your mono zippy wallet will still be going strong and look like new.

  5. ITA!! :yahoo:
  6. Also my vote!
  7. I join this vote:yes: :yes:
  8. I have the framboise zippy wallet and absulutely :heart: it!! I get SOOO many compliments on it....much cuter than the mono (in MY opinion)! ;P

    Let us know what you decide!