Please help me decide

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  1. I came home last week with a speedy 30 empreinte Infini color. As many of you said about this bag, I found it too heavy and large for me. So I took it back and they had speedy 25 in orange, cream and red. As I usually like neutral colors for my bags, I wasn't sure what to do. All the other empreinte bags seemed too heavy to me. My SA suggested that I might like the twice in denim as I liked that color. But that bag is so small and wouldn't get used very much. I really wanted a full size empreinte bag so I went out of my comfort zone and brought home the red 25. It was made in 2014 and has been a floor model. If I keep it I would need to get a new strap as there are marks in the glazing and the lock is more scratched than I would like. I like the speedy and no one can say for sure if it is being discontinued or new colors are coming out soon. Do you all think the cherry is neutral enough or should I wait and see if they come out with new colors? Thanks for any advice!
  2. For me, I think it really depends on your personality and if you think you can pull it off w/ your outfits. For example, I have a Pomme Alma PM and a red Chanel Boy and instead of wanting my bag to be "neutral" I have my outfits be plain or neutral and my bag stand out. That's how I wear those bags. I do also like the nude/cream colored bags as well so it really depends on how you'd be able to see yourself wearing it. If you are not happy w/ the red, I'd return and just wait until you find another color that you'll be sure about. LV is always coming out with new colors. Also, since you're having glazing issues on it, I'd return it. Good luck!
  3. I believe they have discontinued making the speedy emps altogether and it may be due to the glazing problems they've encountered. I know that for I was one that had an infini speedy in size 25 and the glazing peeled away on the handle just like paint off a wall...

  4. Thanks for responding. I was definitely wishy washy on this purchase. I ended up returning the cherry 25 and brought the 30 in Infini back home. I feel more comfortable with that color. I'll have to get used to carrying a heavier bag!!
  5. How about the Montaigne mm or bb, it's much lighter than speedy 25!

  6. I did try out the Montaigne and I thought it was heavier! Thanks for the idea.

  7. Not sure if you're still looking for an Empreinte bag, but have you tried the Mazarine? I bought a Mazarine PM in Taupe just a month ago and I've been using it every day. It's super light and it fits a lot of things. I also like how you can wear it cross body, on your shoulder, or just handheld.
  8. I use an empreinte bastille regularly. It's not heavy and it's a great size

  9. Thanks for your ideas. I think I'm going to stick with the speedy.
  10. Speedy in Emp is discontinued.

  11. My SA said it isn't official and she got me a speedy 30 in Infini from the warehouse.
  12. Awesome! I was told by my SA they are no longer producing them. I guess we will see soon. I'm glad you got one!!

  13. Your SA was right. My bag was made in 2013. When I inquired about it, Infini was very limited and they had more of the Aurore color. I still can't believe they are discontinuing it. I bet they are tweaking it a bit and coming out with new colors!!
  14. I agree with this. On a usual day I'm wearing a white, gray, or black shirt with jeans and I let my purse make the statement. I think the cherry empreinte speedy looks awesome! But if you are really afraid of the color, then go with your gut. No reason to spend that much and not use it.

  15. Thanks for your input!