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Oct 5, 2012
I have just sold my mini rectangular flap yesterday because I haven't used it often. I have noticed that a mini shape isn't as structure as my m/l double flap. I think it may because this mini is made of softer caviar.

Right now I know that I'm a "jumbo classic flap" girl because I prefer bag that can put many things in. So I'm on the process saving for a Jumbo. Actually, from now on I will stick with Jumbo.

Anyway, problem is I'm not sure what I should do with the money I got from selling the mini. I have three choices in my mind.
1. Get the WOC.
2. Get another Balenciaga city ( I have 3 citys and one mini city already ), but I still want a red bal.
3. Buy nothing and keep saving up for "Jumbo"

I think I should give you ladies a little bit of the background why I sold mini flap.
1. I'm afraid that with time the flap won't maintain its shape due to the softer caviar and no double flap.
2. It is too small and fits nothing much. Unlike WOC, I can put money directly on itself right ?

Which choice should I go for amongst the three? TIA

Ps 1. : Please let me humbly say something here. I have noticed for a long time that our Chanel lovers are very lovely and talk nicely to each other. You ladies are definitely awesome. Always give the great suggestions to other Chanel lover members. Chanel girls !
! You Rock.! :P

Ps2: My mother is nagging me to stop buying other brands and solely focus on Chanel. Should I believe her ? If so, it will be "less" bags( due to its price ),but very beautiful pieces and last a long time. 😆
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Jun 1, 2013
If you're a jumbo classic girl then I would probably save up for one before another price increase. On the other hand, I have a WOC and I love it to pieces because it's very practical to carry around. Good luck dear!


Jan 8, 2014
Buy nothing, save up for your jumbo! US$4000 something more to go instead of $6000ish :smile: your mom is funny (in a charming way). Why not not investing in chanels only? The thing is, lately i find the price is too rediculously expensive, logically for the same price you can get fendi or dior that are bigger (and use more leather/material) and more functional. Yet chanel is classic :smile: i love chanel. I just don't want to limit myself to other beautifully made bags lol


Mar 8, 2011
Two of your desires are WOC and Jumbo. Two extremes.

Define your objective.

If you thought your mini was too small and "fits nothing much" and you want a bag that "can put many things in" then why are you even considering the WOC?

Getting a red Bal will set you back another $2000 or so. You might be pressing the Jumbo reset button by two or more price increases by the time you get one (likely equalling around $2000).

Decide what you want to achieve and go from there.


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Apr 13, 2012
Keep your eye focused on the long term goal of a jumbo, as that's what you said you wanted. A WOC fits way less than a mini. Quality over quantity is a good rule; :smile:


Apr 3, 2012
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Congratulation about knowing what you love.

Do you have a WOC already? I sense that you really want a WOC on top of jumbo.

I use WOC in conjunction with my tote bags. And I am with you that WOC is more practical than mini. You can put it inside your bal city for example.

Since you have multiple bal bags already, I'd recommend not to buy another bal bag and save for jumbo or get a WOC


Apr 5, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
If I had a choice between a Chanel Woc or a Jumbo....I would totally go for the Jumbo. I personally don't like the Woc, I've never been attracted to it. I would totally save up for a Jumbo if I were you. Also because of the price increase that Chanel is known for, the sooner you buy the Jumbo, the better. Might I ask you what color you would like to get a Jumbo in and what hardware? Can I please have your personal thoughts on the boy bag vs a classic flap jumbo? And...since you do want a red colored bag in Balenciaga but is considering getting a Jumbo....would you ever get a Red Chanel Jumbo or Boy Bag?


May 17, 2014
First save up for your jumbo, then get a WOC as a purse on the side if you still want it then :smile:

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Jan 1, 2013
Save for Jumbo... You can buy WOC easily even after you own a Jumbo. Jumbo price is keep Increasing every year... Better do it fast. Good luck


Jan 23, 2009
I choose option 3. The price of the Jumbo will just go up in the future. Better save up for one now.


Nov 25, 2008
Save for Jumbo... You can buy WOC easily even after you own a Jumbo. Jumbo price is keep Increasing every year... Better do it fast. Good luck
+1. Couldn't agree more. I bought my jumbo years ago when prices were less crazy (though I thought it was crazy at the time) but I've been priced out of jumbo and medium flaps now. Just to give you an idea of the price increases over the years, I bought my jumbo and medium for 1/2 the cost of what they are now and this was only 5ish years ago. So I would say save for the jumbo and then buy the WOC.