Please help me decide!!


Jan 15, 2014
I just bought my first Lv's 3 weeks ago.Speedy B 25,Mono mini pochette and Pochette Nm,I didnt use them yet.Thinking to exchande with metis or favorite mm or sully pm,zippy compact wallet,alma bb and cles,bag charm(expensive but so cute)If i keep my speedy i can only buy ZCW,If i buy metis i can only buy vernis cles,if i buy favorite i can but compact wallet and charm,Sorry i m all over please help me,i have to exchange on monday,Thank you.


Mar 9, 2008
well you have a lot of choices there, but for me it would be the speedy b 25 and zcw. i own them both and love them! that zcw is the best wallet for me. i bought it over a year ago and have yet to change out of it and it still looks like new. the reason i love it is because it goes from large bag to small with no trouble. it is the perfect mid sized wallet. i also love the speedy b 25 because despite its size it holds so much. best of luck on your decision. you have to buy what you love, but those 2 are my favs.