Please help me decide.

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  1. I currently own three bags ( I downsized my collection, giving away to mom the one I don't use). I have Chanel medium classic flap in black , Chanel mini classic flap in navy blue and a balenciaga city bag in black ggh.

    Right now I think I want to add LV in my collection again, but can't decide which one to go for between " LV speedy B and LV Alma bb." I'm looking both in DE.

    As from my collection now, which LV should I add ?

    LV Alma bb is cute and not as common as speedy B.
    Speedy B seem to be more practical and I see them so often in my country (sigh).

    Can't decide at all.

    Please help.
    Thank you.
  2. Get the speedy b 25 in empreinte leather
  3. I vote for the Speedy, such a "classic" piece!!!
  4. Speedy B but if you can afford it.....get it in Empreinte. Soooo much nicer!
  5. The Speedy B I'm sure will hold more so think about that depending on what you carry on a daily basis. However the Alma BB is just so so adorable! Are you close enough to go try them out?
  6. a vote for de speedy b
  7. Speedy b
  8. Speedy b, alma bb looks really small in de
  9. Speedy B unless you are into mini bags.
  10. Speedy b is more functional and versatile. Maybe go with Empreinte to stand apart from the crowd.
  11. Speedy B in DE or Empreinte
  12. Speedy b. I feel like the mini bags are a trend right now and it definitely won't hold as much as speedy b.
  13. speedy b! But if you don not plan on carrying much maybe go for the alma bb then
  14. I would go with the speedy b!
  15. Speedy in empreinte, it's not common at all