Please Help Me Decide

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Pochette Wallet or French Purse

  1. Pochette Wallet (10 Credit Card Compartments)

  2. French Purse (8 Credit Card Compartments)

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  1. Sorry
    I keep changing my mind on a wallet. I'm afraid of Vernis, and now deciding on either the the following:

    Monogram Canvas
    French Purse
    (I have this on hold until tomorrow. An updated style with 8 Credit Card Holders, instead of just 4 Credit card Holders, and made in France) (last one in stock with made in France (my small preference).


    Monogram Canvas
    Pochette Wallet
    (with the 10 Credit Card Holders, the one I have on hold has not just 6 credit card holders, but 10) And its made in France.

    Please help me decide. And then on Monday, it will be on route to get to me in the mail. :yahoo:
  2. i like the LOOK of the french purse better... but the practcality im not sure of ......
  3. i'm a french purse fan. i think that w/the additional cc slots it will be even more useful!
  4. I love the French Purse..........
  5. I like the french purse.
  6. Oh my...sweetie, are you changing your mind again?! haha~
    Im a big fan of pochette wallet~!!:yes:But im not sure about the wallet in monogram, it just seems a bit boring to me....(don't kill me, monogram fans~:rolleyes:, i like the combo of monogram and patina leather).
  7. I voted pochette wallet simply because of practicality.
  8. Yes I've changed my mind on getting the Zippy Wallet in Pomme de'Amour.

    I got a call today from Louis Vuitton in Vancouver. They said the Zippy Wallets in the Vernis Pomme de'Amour is not coming until March. And I'm afraid I might not take care of the Vernis wallet as a Monogram is much classic and less maintenance, and still a beatiful wallet.

  9. I like the pouchette wallet :smile:
  10. I also like the look of the French Purse. And the Pochette with having now 10 holders makes me interested. And I love the French Purse for the look. Its so pretty. So I'm still deciding which one I will be ordering. ;)

    Anything else in considering in the two wallets?
    Monogram might be a bit boring, but I love the look of the Classic LV. :yes: :love:

  11. You could try one in Damier either color or Epi perhaps. I'm kind of favoring the Nomade Pochette Wallet. I've own almost all of the wallets because I didn't know which ones would accommodate all my needs. At least I did try them.

    Good luck! They're all beautiful.
  12. i like the pochette wallet esp in the GROOM line (so dreamy) or in the vernis line!

    good luck on what you decide!
  13. I am a french purse fan too.
  14. I think I'm ready to look for a wallet now too. (omg..the addiction she has-a-started...I haven't even gotten my speedy in yet!)
    Do I go to the LV site or eLux to look at all these suggestions you've given the OP?