please help me decide!!

Apr 28, 2011
Hi guys...hoping u can all help a new LV addict :heart: hehe (where was i before? :graucho:)

anyway i have a mono speedy 30 and for my next bag i want two...a neverful MM and an eva clutch. Before i decided to get the eva in damier ebene and the NF in azur. But im also havin a baby soon in 2 months and im wondering if the azur NF will be too much of a hassle incase i accidentally make it dirty even though i dont have plans to use it as a diaper bag. I did think of getting the neverful in Ebene but the eva looks so nice in ebene and i want a different pattern on each of my bags before i start repeating on different models!

looking for some nice suggestions...i do know the ebene will be very hassle-free in the neverful but since its summer im dying for an azur print..thanks in advance!
Jun 21, 2010
I think you should stick to your original plan and get the Eva in Ebene and the NF in Azur... there's not too much vachetta on the NF plus you'll always have baby wipes on hand to keep it clean if you spill something on it!


May 1, 2011
I have the neverfull azur mm for 5 weeks now. I have no problems with it. I wear it with jeans, I do not baby it too much and it looks brand new. Patina is very light still and I wear it almost every day in sun, etc. I say go for it!

clp moo em

Sep 18, 2008
oh thanks! is the azur easy to clean?? i dont mean the handles as i like the patina look but the actual much do you guys baby your azur canvas?

I have a 2 YR old and 4YR old so sticky fingers etc with my two boys and i have the Azur Gal and it has been no more worry than my other LV's so i say go with your original plan:smile:

Louis III

Jul 8, 2008
Azur is perfect and worry-free. I have a baby (almost 7 months old :smile:) and I've been using my Azur Saleya PM all spring without any problems whatsover (and I've had the bag for three years, using it every summer all summer long). I never baby any of my bags, I'm brutal with them.
Apr 28, 2011
ohhh for the inside of my nf im planning on using those zipped organizer things i saw some ppl on this forum having!! plus i never carry any liquids inside my purse ever!! what about tje vachetta straps... amy clue what to do if tht has a stain??