please help me decide

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  1. im confuse too choose between balenciaga sahara and seigle, both in part-time size and rose gold giant hardware.
    which one should i choose? considering this gonna be my first balenciaga bag:P
  2. Lol, I was just debating about this the other day myself. I did a search on some older threads and seems like some of the ladies here suggest Seigle due to the fact that you don't have to "baby" it as much as the Sahara. Depends on if you're the type that is good at taking extra care of your bags or if you want something that doesn't require extra maintenance. Oh and I suggest going through the older threads as well to compare photos of the two - that might help you decide which color you are more attracted to. Good luck! ;)
  3. sahara i love love love!!!!
    but if you prefer the easy color to maintain, go for seigle.
  4. Seigle is the perfect neutral color IMO! :yes:
  5. Seigle has a pink undertone and Sahara has a yellow undertone. I would pick the one that goes better with your skin tone.

    (lots of tone's for one short sentence)
  6. I'd go for Seigle, I like the color better it's a little more richer to me JMO.
  7. Hard to say I think the contrsat betwenn shara and RGHW is nicer but Seigle is probably more versatile, I am quite intrested in seigle myself, just have a hard time with the name reminds me of my "lowfat" bread lol..
  8. vote for Seigle! Sahara is beautiful but a little high maintenance IMO :smile:
  9. I vote for seigle too, this is beautiful with rose gold hardware
  10. Seigle