please help me decide

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  1. my birthday is next week and i plan on buying a chanel jumbo in beige claire. however, i am unsure on what color hardware to get. i plan to use the bag for more casual outfits. which color do you guys recommend?
  2. I would go SHW.

    Happy birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday :smile:

    My pick will be Beige with GHW!!!
  4. I agree... I love the silver hw!

    Have a great birthday and make sure u post pics when u get it!
  5. Ghw ;)
  6. you guys are making it hard for me to decide. which one is harder to find?
  7. I think GHW is harder to find.
  8. is it because more people buy the gold hardware or because they do not make that many gold?
  9. Not sure, but I have a feeling that recently more people have been preferring Beige with GH which could be the reason that they are harder to find. That could also only be a trend.
  10. i think the beige looks so much nicer with gold hardware.
  11. beige with gold hardware
    it is the best of the best chanel has ever made
    my absolute favorite and i dont like silver on the beige at all.
  12. i vote for beige with GHW:love:

    Happy Birthday, indulge!
  13. GHW for the beige.

    SH is more casual, but for the color you have chosen, beige, the gh complements the color of the leather and IMO is an overall pleasing look.

    I have seen it with SH and it is still a very lovely bag and more casual. Do you wear one type of jewelry more than another? (yellow gold vs. white)?? Maybe that may help you decide which hardware will work best for you??

    Happy birthday!
  14. GHW completes the perfection of beige clair!
  15. Beige with GHW.