Please help me decide!

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  1. the little longchamp


    the slouchy leather bag (its actually military green -- not brown)

    i need to return one of these!

    thanks :smile:

    Attached Files:

  2. Leather bag. Not a Longchamp fan whatsoever.
  3. :smile:
  4. The slouchy bag! Not a fan of the longchamp...
  5. I also vote for the leather slouchy bag (looks great on you!).
  6. Leather. Awesome versatility.
  7. the slouchy leather bag get my vote as a keeper
  8. Yes the slouchy bag that you can fold over, keep that one. The others are so so.
  9. The slouchy leather!
  10. Totally go for the leather!
  11. leather bag.
  12. slouchy leather bag.... love leather
  13. leather
  14. I would go with the leather bag, it's less distracting than the Longchamp.
  15. The green bag is much better :biggrin: