Please help me decide....

  1. Should I get the Betsey Johnson "Good Girl" in the medium size or the large? I just can't decide. I'm a rather petite 5'4"- so I often look silly with big bags, BUT- I'm afraid the medium size might look too small? The medium is 12.5" long by 11" tall. The large is 16" long by 14" tall. I just can't decide. Please help:smile: (And no, I don't think I should get both- though that would certainly make things easier!)
    This is a picture of the large size. I don't have one of the medium on a model, so not sure how it looks by comparison. Thanks for your help!!!
  2. To me, the medium sounds large enough, but I know the style now is huge bags. Do you think the large one overwhelms you when you wear it?

    I'm average height and the larger bags don't look right on me, but if I were!

    I'm sure some more stylish people will come along to help with your decision. I like the color a lot.
  3. Funny you should mention this.......I just ordered this bag today in brown. :yahoo: It comes in black too. I ordered the oversize (large). I'm pretty petite too but I love oversized bags. When I get it (should be a couple weeks b/c its backordered), I'll be sure to post with me carrying it. :supacool:
  4. Boxermom- Thanks for your opinion. The color is the other think I'm having a hard time with. I'm leaning towards the black (seeing as my closet is stuffed with black clothes, shoes, etc). But, the brown sure is lovely too....
  5. Can't wait to see! Once I finally make a decision, I'll post too. I swear, I'm loosing sleep trying to decide (or maybe it's just the excitement of getting a new purse? Teehee).
  6. Okay- this is obviously a different bag, but for size comparison- this one is 12.5" wide and 9.5" high.
    (to give due credit to this bag- it is a Gustto- Solba)
  7. i would get the larger one - jmo.... the medium seems too small
  8. How tall are you pursegal?
  9. This is a really heavy bag. Heavier than a Paddington. I had one and returned it....and I never return bags.
  10. Wow- Thanks. All this is making it sound like the medium is the winner....
  11. I'd definately go Medium. I've strayed away from those large large bags. They end up heavy and overwhelming. Plus I hate how some look when they fold in on itself because there isn't enough stuff in it.
  12. The thing about this bag that I liked was that it can be used for work/school, travel or as an overnight type bag. But then again, I carry a LOT of stuff. Other than the essentials I've been know to carry a magizine (or 2) :lol: , a book, a pair shoes (in case I don't end up liking the ones I have on when I get to where I'm going, a shirt, bottled list could go on. Why do I carry soooo much stuff sometimes? :shame: I guess I've convinced myself that I really do need all that. :lol:
  13. I'm 5'4", and the large looks waaay to big on me, and I like large bags! I would go with the medium.