Please help me decide!


What should I get?

  1. Mrs. Boxe

  2. Decollete 868

  3. LV Keepall

  4. None of the above

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I wanted to get a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes but I can't decide which to get. The first pair is a pair of Mrs. Boxe shoes and the second one is the Decollete 868. I already have a pair of Pigalle so that is why I can't decide if I should get the Decolletes (its pretty much the same thing but with a round toe, which I like and dreaming about getting for a month). Then we have the Mrs.Boxe and I love the wedge heels as seen on Nicole Richie and I can wear them everyday. However, I fear that it might go out of style soon because I haven't seen much people wearing wedges.

    Okay, I was also thinking about getting a LV keepall instead of getting the shoes. So, AHHHHH please help me decide what I should get!
  2. Definitely the Decollete. Very sexy and classy.
  3. personally wedge is awgul the BLACK ONES ARE TO DIE FOR!! serioyusly1
  4. The decollete - they are classic and not as easy to find. I also the wedges may have run their course.
  5. the decoletees are super sexy!!!go for it!
  6. decollettes!!!!! hands-down!!!!!!
  7. One for Mrs. Boxe here, or the keepall! I'd choose both of those before the decolletes! I guess it depends on what look your going for, but I choose cute and fun over vampy/sexy any day. (Even tho I do think the wedges can be sexy)
  8. agree with all the others! Ddecollettes all the way. I think the wedge already looks dated and clumsy in that particular style.

    Hope you find a fab pair in your size.
  9. ditto! I think the Boxe would be cute in the color in the picture too!