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  1. I bought this purse off NM a couple of weeks ago on sale.....even though it was a sale item, it was still somewhat expensive. I am really on the fence with this bag, so I am hoping you guys could help me figure this out. I need to decide ASAP....should I keep it or return it? I haven't worn it out.....yet. What do you guys think of it?

    IMG_1970.JPG IMG_1962.JPG IMG_1964.JPG
  2. I say return it.
  3. I have to agree with elongreach... a return. :sad:
  4. It's not my style...but how good of a deal did you get? Hate to say, but sometimes if I get a deal, it makes me like the bag that much more-hah...
    Are you finding it's growing on you? If not, return & get something you love!!!
  5. Thanks! I was leaning that way, but my daughter loves this purse! It's a little much and I won't miss it if it's gone, so there's my decision!
  6. Return for me too. You'll find something better IMO.
  7. Sorry but for me it is a return :flowers:
  8. Maybe it looks better IRL, but from the photos I would say return it.

  9. ditto
  10. Absolutely stunning, but you are very limited with your wardrobe, in my opinion.
  11. It's not something I would find myself using alot.... so if you are like me then I would return it.
  12. Well, if you get bored you can always play chess on it. ;)

    Not a keeper to my eye either. I was in the same boat as you recently. Saw a snakeskin Prada for an insanely low price and almost hit the submit button on the order until I kept thinking what good is the price if I'm lukewarm about it? Thanks to the help of a certain fellow PFer (who knows who she is) I snapped to my senses and didn't order it. It WAS beautiful, but the snakeskin pattern would have been very limiting in my wardrobe choices and I don't like that. It was also STILL very expensive, sale or no sale.
  13. It's interesting... It kinda reminds me of a floor in a school bathroom...or Harley Quinn (girlfriend of the Joker from the Batman cartoons).

    Sorry. I'd return it.
  14. I voted to return. It's an okay bag, but...I think you can find something better.
  15. not loving it.. do return..
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