Please help me decide!

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  1. I been eyeing the Botkiers since I passed up a silver sasha at the Saks sale in December. I am so mad I did, and now I keep thinking I should have gotten it while it was on sale!

    Well, I have found other styles that I'm interested in. Right not it's between the black nylon stevie hobo $188 and the rose gold large ziggy hobo $258 since they are on sale.

    I'm really torn between the two! I don't have a black bag so I think the stevie would be perfect, but then I'm also loving the rose gold color (Coach also makes a rose gold color that I'm a fan of that I might end up getting).

    Someone please help me decide! TIA!!

    Also, those of you that own a nylon Botkier bag, how do they hold up over time?
  2. Ok, so I decided to order the black Stevie hobo! He's a stock pic:


    It's the perfect black bag. Can't wait to get it!
  3. Great choice! :woohoo:
  4. Thanks!