Please help me decide!!!

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CDC bracelet: Black croc PHW, Black croc GHW, or neither?

  1. Keep the one with the PHW.

  2. Exchange it for one with the same leather and GHW.

  3. Exchange it for a completely different combo. (what would that be?)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    Hi everyone!

    My DH completely surprised me on my birthday with a gorgeous CDC bracelet! yay! It's black croc with PHW (there is a square symbol on the inside, which I thought meant alligator..? but the salesperson told him it's croc. I'm not really sure. And which is more expensive, croc or gator?)

    It's my first one, and I want it to be something that I will love and wear for years and years without worrying about trends...

    I love black croc, but I'm not sure how I feel about the color of the hardware! Should I exchange it for black croc GHW, or keep it as it is? (I've always had a thing for the black and gold combo - I want my next birkin to be black GHW) But I know black PHW is a great combination as well, and it would match the hardware for my birkin.

    (Dear Ranag, if you see this: I've been looking at your gorgeous collection in the 'Lovin the CDC bracelets' thread, and I noticed you have both black PHW and black GHW. Which do you prefer? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!!)

    Or, if you would have a completely different combination, what would it be? I would love to hear your thoughts!
    Thanks for your time and opinions everyone :smile:

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  2. I think its beautiful. But if you tend towards the GHW and thats what you want in your Birkin and you like to match then you have to follow your heart and change it. If you don't mind mixing and matching then keep it, I'm sure you won't be sorry. Not much help am I???
  3. i find the black with silver to be more understated but if you are a gold gal then just try to exchange it for one........
  4. If it has the square symbol, it is alligator. Many of the SA's use the terms gator and croc interchangeably and it is very

    I like palladium and gold equally as well. I match the hardware color to the hardware color on the bag I am carrying (which is why I have repeats in certain colors).

    What color hardware would work best with your current wardrobe? :smile:
  5. ^^^
    By the way - I love the shiny gator in black better than the matte gator. Yours is very pretty!!! :heart:
  6. they actually dont make CDCs in croc anymore--its too scarce.
  7. Totally agree. Both are gorgeous. If you mostly wear gold, exchange for gold...if silver toned, than keep this one!
  8. I would get the one that matches my jewelry. Do you wear gold more than silver/white gold/platinum?
  9. I wear both gold and silver equally..
    hmm tough choice :smile:
  10. reine - I have a feeling that since you're asking the question you should change it. If you loved.... (as in loved, loved, loved) this piece you couldn't imagine parting it.
  11. If you wear more gold or your wardrobe complements better with gold, go for the gold. I prefer the PHW :smile:
  12. Listen to your heart & there's your answer!I'm no help am I?
  13. :tup: Good advice Handy!

    I would love pretty much any combo.:biggrin: They are all gorgeous! If I had to choose my personal fav it would be black box with GHW. (that's what I'm hoping for someday)

    Congrats on such a gorgeous bracelet! How sweet of DH!!!:tup:
  14. hmmm, i voted to keep this one-get both?? ;)
  15. I would match whatever you colorwise were more. But it might be a good idea to get both if you have both phw and ghw on your bags. Good luck in your decision.