Please help me decide!!

  1. Ok I need help deciding between a quilted Venetia or a Stam. I had a Gucci Pelham which I had to return because the stitching was coming undone. So now I have a credit on my Neimans card that I need to use :yes: I like the beige color...sorry I don't know what it's called. Did anyone have problems with the handles getting really dirty on Veneita? How do you clean it??
  2. i say the stam for sure. and the mousse color is so cute!
  3. Venetia & Stam are so different, it really depends on which style you like more. =) Do you like frame bags with chain shoulder strap? If yes, you will like Stam. Venetia is very elegant & sophisticated, I personally love it. =)

    As for the color, are you referring to the new one with contrast stitching? If yes, it's cashew.
  4. Bag Lover...I think that is the color I saw. Do you have that bag? Have you had any problems with the handles getting really dirty?? I always have lotion on my hands...I'm just worried about it getting really dark compared to the rest of the bag.
  5. If you're concerned about the handles getting dark after use, perhaps go with the Stam because you can use that on your shoulder, your arm or you hands. I hear that it is heavy though, so keep that in mind if you plan on using it regularly. The Venetia is hard to get on on the shoulder depending on your size, so you may have to use it strictly as a satchel. And some girls are overwhelmed by the width of the Venetia. IMO, I think anyone can carry off any size bag if they really wanted to!
  6. wow...what a decision. Do you have a venetia? It looks great in every color and with smooth leather as well as quilted so you really could always pick one up and there are so many great ones around at a discount. I love venetia and have five so I'm one to talk but I also have the stam in petrol. I reach for the venetia more because the stam I have is smooth leather and a little more fragile than the venetias. maggie
  7. Venetia is a classic
  8. I own both a Venetia (regular) and Stam bags. Both are very different bags. They are more "handbags" versus shoulder bags although I am small enough to be able to carry both on my shoulders (but only in the summer time...and my Stam is a newer one so the handles are shorter than the original Fall 2005 version).

    Unfortunately, both of my bags are black. However, when I first purchased the Stam, I purchased it in Camel (peanut buttery tan color). After a few times wearing the bag, the handles became incredibly discolored to the point where is became almost white. According to the SA, my bag was defective, so she let me exchange for another. I was incredibly scared off by the experience, so I exchanged for another Stam in black. I think no matter how careful you may be with bags, any bag in a light color will always have some kind of handle discoloration over time.
  9. I have a quilted venetia in a burgandy color. I am extremely careful with my bags, I never hold them when I have lotions on my hands (put them over my shoulder). I store my stuffs inside mini-bags so that the suede linings would be protected as well. =)

    For light colored bags, I recommend keeping a leather conditioner with you (at all-time) so any spot/dirt can be wiped off right away. Would you consider getting it in a darker/richer color?

    As for style, I like Venetia more because it just suits my taste more -- elegant & sophisticated. Stam's chain gives the bag a funky feel. =)
  10. Thanks for all your help! :smile: As of right now I'm leaning more towards the Venetia...I don't really like it in black...I like it in the beige color but I'm really worried about the handles getting dirty. I'm going to NY this weekend so I guess I'll just have to decide once I get there!
  11. ^ keep us updated about your decision! my vote goes to the stam, i just love it!
  12. I like the Stam. I have the Fall 05 in black. I always look at the Venetian when I go to the store, but so far, I haven't been swayed to buy it. I like the shape, I just don't like the buckle going over the top. It gets in my way! Plus, I like the idea that I can put my stam over my shoulder if I need too.