Please help me decide.

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  1. I'm so torn on what to get. I already have the Parioli (Damier) so I didn't think I needed a structured tote. I really can't stop thinking of the Epi Speedy in Red but I'm not sold on it being hand held...especially when out w/my daughter (she's 2). I was thinking of the Monogram bucket... any opinions on this bag.? I also love how the Lockit Horizontal looks. I am going to Vegas in November for my bday/anniversary so I'm hoping to get something by then or get it there.
  2. from the looks of it, i think the Lockit is a handheld bag. personally i can't stand it. it's such an awkward shape, and just looks wrong, somehow.

    if you're looking for a shoulder bag, the Popincourt Haut or Batignolles Horizontal would be good. the Bucket has an open top, which i don't like, but if you're OK with that then it doesn't matter. since you like the Epi in red, did you know the Bucket comes in the Epi line too? :yes: so it's like killing two birds with one stone
  3. the epi bucket sounds like a good option for you, I have an epi speedy that I love but I don't love holding it all the time....I switch my bags often so I use it only when I can use a handheld bag, but if this is a bag you are going to use all the time go with a shoulder bag for sure!
  4. I agree with you on the lockit, though I think all of the bags are lovely, and I'm sure I'll see someone carrying it and still think it's a beautiful bag, I do think the shape is somewhat awkward, def. not for me.....I think we have similar taste in bag styles....
  5. good to know :rochard:!
  6. I have a Coach bag similar to the bucket style in Red already so that's why I was thinking of something else besides the red bucket in Epi. Maybe I'll check out the popincourt haut. Thanks for the suggestions
  7. ITA with yeux's rec on the Batignolles Horizontal--it's such a beautiful functional shoulder bag!:heart:
  8. here's a little help :flowers:: Batignolles Horizontal and Popincourt Haut
    batignolles horizontal 001.jpg popincourt haut 001.jpg