**please Help Me Decide**

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  1. pigalle all the way!:tup:
  2. another vote for purple!!
  3. Thanks everyone for your opinions!!:flowers: I called and bought the Purple one.:yahoo: I am so excited & happy that I decided to step out of my comfort zone! The purple will definately make my fall & winter less gloomy. I will post pics when it arrives.:heart:
  4. congrats! looking forward to purple pics!!
  5. CONGRATS plzrck!!! I'm glad you found what you wanted :yes: That Pigalle Bay is TDF:tup: Looking forward to seeing pics when she gets home :heart:
  6. Oh wow how exciting and I am soo jealous at the moment!

    Which location find it at?

  7. I got it from the Las Vegas Boutique. It was their last one. I have been working with Ashley, one of their wonderful SA's! I am so happy!
  8. congrats can't wait to see her:heart:
  9. oh the purple defo!
  10. OH, wow, that's fantastic, I want to be bold, too and buy a nicely coloured bag, too! This will definitely be my next purchase!
  11. congrats on your purchase! I think the purple really suits this bag! :tup:
  12. Purple, all year round, no mistake!
  13. Love it in Purple....
  14. purple! it looks like you already have a neutral bay, so try the other one for a POP of color!
  15. I also say go with the Purple! Add a little color to your handbag wardrobe! I always get neutral bags too, and I'm just starting to venture out into the world of colored bags. And I find that once I get them, I find all kinds of things to match them that I didnt expect to find! Go for it! Live a little! The Purple is gorgeous! The Purple is fun! The Purple is calling out your name! :woohoo:You NEED the Purple!!!!!!
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