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  1. Well I am going to purchase a Quilted bay during the Chloe Boutique sale but I am stuck between which color to get. I have narrowed it down to Elephant & Pigalle. I have a Blanc Quilted Bay & a Moka Elvire. My patent Betty sm. Grenat is on her way out.....so do I go with the Purple Bay or the Elephant?????? They are both beautiful & does your bag really have to match your outfits??????

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  2. PURPLE! LOVE it!
    What colors do you wear most?
  3. I wear a lot of browns, greens, pinks, I don't know! I am a SAHM so I don't dress up & go to work everyday. I wear jeans, shorts, capris and my colors are all over the place. I always stick to neutral when buying my bags so I thought maybe I'd go with the purple. The SA said that it really isn't a bright purple, it's a darker one so it will go with a lot of neutral colors. Problem is I don't always wear neutrals. So should I be a rebel and do something different or be predictable & go with what I always do??
  4. Purple--- especially with the colors you mentioned that you wear most often.
  5. !!Purple!!

  6. That's the Question .... I'm always asking myself that too!
    I have seen the purple and it is beautiful, not bright!
    I'm always buying BLACK bags and love all the colors, pick them up, carry them around the store and then go back and buy BLACK!
    I'm taking the plunge this time and getting a Plum/Prune/Purple Heli --- and that purple is BRIGHTER than the Bay purple!
    I say go for the PURPLE! ... be the rebel! :yahoo:
    Just look at your photos you posted and see how wonderful the purple shows!
  7. pigalle, pigalle:heart:
  8. With the colours you mentioned I think purple would be nice and with jeans it is going to be extra nice. Also if you mainly have neutral bags then spicing things up will be nice.
  9. Ok, now do you think the Purple could be a year round bag? I am carrying the Blanc this summer but for fall & winter do you think the Purple would be ok?? I think so, it would add some color to the ugly winter! Please let me know what you think!
  10. Defiently think you can wear purple in the winter. I actually would like a white bay but am hoping to find it at 50% off. I dont really own any white bags except for one lesser brand that is a bit saggy by now for me to feel happy with it.
    Either of these bags would be good though but with jeans I think purple looks really good.
  11. The purses you have are in the 'neutral' catagory, you would just be adding another earthtone (elephant) to your wardrobe. I say go with the purple; it's such a stunning color and it's fun too!
  12. I love the purple!!! I say go purple... Although both colors are gorgeous!
  13. So purple can be a fall/winter color?? I think I'm going to go for it!!!!!!!!!

  14. ^^^Sure why not?? (fall/winter color). It'll go with your jeans, browns, greys, blues!! Dang now I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Step out of your "comfort zone" and experiment with a different color. If you don't love it, sell it later. I think you'll find things to match it and you already have enough neutrals. GO BOLD!
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