Please help me decide!

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  1. Help this indecisive person, please! :confused1:

    The two bags I want to get are the Love Me and the I'm Yours Tote. The two colors I want are Petrol and Chocolate.

    So ... Love Me in Petrol, I'm Yours Tote in Chocolate?

    Or ... Love Me in Chocolate, I'm Yours Tote in Petrol?

    I keep going back and forth. Any suggestions most welcome! :yes:

    Also, it looks like the Love Me has silver hardware (which I love). Does anyone know if the IYT also has silver hardware?
  2. Oh my gosh, I don't think you can go wrong with either's like asking me if I want coconut gelato or chocolate gelato LOL!

    Which one do you think will get more daily wear (in terms of style). If you have a favored style for daily wear, then I would look at your wardrobe and see which color would be more versatile.

    I personally would go for the chocolate in the LM and the I'm Yours Tote in Petrol...I think the petrol leather looks really good on a "flat canvas" and the I'm Yours has more uninterrupted surface area LOL!

    ETA: I'm not sure about the hardware on the individual may want to check with Jackie because I know that some of the hardware on particular styles may be different from what is depicted on her website (for example, the fuschia Love Me now only comes with gold hardware, and before it was created in the silver).
  3. This is the combo I'd choose....I think the LM would look gorgeous in the chocolate.....the IYT would be more interesting in the has such straight lines that a punch of color really makes it stand out more I think
  4. ^^ ITA, I think the petrol suits the I'm Yours perfectly, and I always loved the way the chocolate LM looks!
  5. I agree with LM chocolate; IYT Petrol is perfect. But, you can't got wrong the other way either.
  6. Getting the Love Me in Chocolate (shown with gold hardware) or Petrol (shown with silver hardware) is the way to go, I think, because Jackie is getting ready to sell her remaining Love Me and Love Me Mini stock to a merchant in France, I believe...I can't recall who posted it or on what thread, although I do recall reading it; AND, I believe this is happening soon!

    I've heard nothing about the I'm Yours Tote being phased out ~ especially as it was recently re-designed with a single zipper, as opposed to its original two zippers.

    Cornflower Blue has the Im Yours Tote in Petrol, and it is STUNNING, to say the very least ~ she posted excellent detailed photos, although I can't look them up right now as one of my dogs is barking his head off and I must go see to his puppy-love needs! ;)
  7. Thanks to everyone for your replies! I ended up ordering the Love Me in Petrol (Jackie was quite convincing about this) and the I'm Yours Tote in Wine. I had second thoughts immediately after I ordered, but I squelched them. And then they resurfaced in earnest later that evening so I emailed Jackie to see if I could hold on my order till I'd given it a little more thought and looked at more photos here and on eBay. But she and Ashley are so efficient that they'd already shipped my bags by the time they read my email. :sad:

    So they're on the way to me, and I'm still feeling very unsure about my choices. After looking at more photos of BE bags, I'm even less sure. The photos on Jackie's site don't make the leather look nearly as distressed and shiny as some photos I've seen here and on eB*y. I was taken aback by the look, quite honestly, because I wasn't expecting it, based on the photos on her site. I'm not really a fan of distressed and shiny leather.

    But I will reserve judgment until they're here, of course! According to Jackie, I got the very last Love Me in Petrol (the rest went to a boutique in France, as you mentioned, dsrk. And she said I also got the last tote in wine - and it has two zippers.

    I hope I end up loving the bags ...

  8. I trust Jackie.

    The WINE is gorgeous!!! I think you'll love that one.

    I personally would have gotten the LM in Chocolate, but the Petrol is supersoft. You'll "know" once they arrive!

    Congrats!!!! Relax and look forward to getting the point stressing out and worrying about something you haven't yet seen that you may end up falling head over heels with!

    Cheers!!! (sipping TejasMama's Margharita)
  9. TRUST JACKIE!!! You will not be disappointed and I am a careful buyer.
  10. Chocolate was originally the color I thought I wanted in either the Love Me or the I'm Yours Tote ... I probably should have gone with my first instinct, since I think it's also less shiny and distressed looking.

    I wish I could just look forward to getting the bags but because a return involves overseas shipping costs (and hassle) and I wanted to take a little more time to think over my decisions but was too late contacting Jackie, I am not as relaxed as I wish I were. ;) But what will be, will be and if they don't work out then I'll just return them. My main worry isn't so much the colors - both look beautiful. It's that ever since I placed my order, I've looked at more photos and a lot of her leathers are shiny and distressed. I prefer a more understated look.

    Anyway, thanks for your input!

    Oh, Jackie couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. :smile: My fears of disappointment have to do with the differences I'm seeing between photos of the actual BE bags (from this forum or eB*y) and the way the leather looks on the bags on her site. But really, I need to see them in person to tell for sure.
  11. All those bags you see on EBay are mainly from TPF'rs. BE's are not knocked off (yet,hopefully never- please correct if I am wrong ladies ) because of the abscurity of the brand. You are getting true originally in any sense and the SMELL will get you! I just bought the LM Dark Grey and it is just lovely in all ways.
  12. Unlike typical distressed leathers, I don't think you have to worry about the BE petrol and wine colors...yes, they are a little more shiny when compared to the matte leathers, but they certainly don't look "beaten up", which is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of distressed leather. I think more "sheen" than "shiny" with BE bags - and always classy and elegant....always!
  13. I assumed the BE bags on eB*y were from PFers (or other people who hate, detest, and despise fakes!) The photos are pretty good on some of them and that's when I started to worry about the leather being too shiny and/or distressed for my taste, because they looked quite different than the photos on the BE web site. I just don't like shiny and/or distressed leather; I know others do but it's not my style.

    Good to know! I'm hoping for the best ... maybe they'll be here soon and I'll know for sure. Thanks for your input! :smile::smile::smile:
  14. Just remember that studio photography always looks different than amatuers:rolleyes: like me!!! You will love it I know you will, don't worry and if I doesn't work, I am sure you can talk one of us into buying it so you don't have to return overseas!
  15. I think the photos you were looking at were of Black Crash, correct? The wine leather is entirely different, much less shine and more sheen. Personally, I love them both and am having a hard time choosing! Do let us know what you think as soon as you get it!