Please help me decide...

  1. I LOVE the little bow clutch Longchamp posted from Saks...I'm trying to decide whether to buy it in black or this one - also in black:

    [​IMG] or............


    What do you think?
  2. Ah I have a post earlier, I bought the lower one in pink.
  3. I like the one on top. The shape makes it more unique and the strap makes it easier to carry.
  4. I vote for the second one
  5. I love the second one but all leather version. The leather is so buttery..........:yes:
  6. I know about the leather...I'd much rather do the leather than the nylon...still debating...:confused1:
  7. Bisbee, if you want leather, go with the second. I have that and as pictures, all black. I love it! It's very roomy for a small bag!