Please Help Me Decide!


Which One Should I Buy?

  1. MJ Diana Seventies Shoulder Bag, Ivory

  2. MbyMJ Dr. Q Groovee Satchel, Mouse Grey

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  1. I was all set to buy both of these bags this week, until I found my Dream bag on eBay & hit that BIN button!! Now I can only choose one of these bags, and I'm torn. I can't decide which I like better and which one I should get:confused1: Would you please help me?!?

    1. MJ Diana Seventies Shoulder Bag, Ivory. Nordstroms has this bag for $474.50!! That's more than a $1k markdown (I believe the orig price was around $1600!). The bag is so buttery soft - it doesn't have all of its tags/cards (its been on the sale table for weeks) but the last time I saw it, I couldn't find anything wrong w/it.

    This is the bag:

    and this is the color:


    2. Marc by MJ Dr. Q Groovee Satchel in Mouse Grey - I saw this bag when I went to the opening of the MbyMJ store in Chicago and fell in love w/it . The leather is so unbelievably soft and the color was TDF!!! I knew I just had to have that bag! I talked to one of the SA and its still there, so I had planned on going to get it on Thursday. This bag costs $498:


    Since I bought another bag on eBay, I can only choose one of these - My original thought was to go w/the Diana since I could probably get the Dr. Q at a later date and the price is so unbelievable - I mean, seriously, how many times can you find a brand new MJ bag at more than a $1k markdown?!?! The price is just too great to pass up. But searching the internet, I think the Mouse Grey might be an older color and harder to find. Once they're gone there probably won't be any more & I don't really care for the new Patchwork series. This is the bag/color I want. What to do - What to do!!

    I just can't decide which one I should get - - Please help me!:?::sos:
  2. They are both gorgeous, but I'm drawn to the Dr Q Groovee Satchel ... and mouse grey is such a great color. What a tough decision!
  3. The satchel is to die for!!
  4. Groovee FOR SURE !!!

    i LOVE it .
  5. im torn between the brand! i like the dr q satchel more but the other one is mj and use to be 1600. the satchel seems less worth it because its not on sale... ooo... ill go with the satchel. its really really cute.
  6. Personally, I like the satchel better. And to me it sounds like you really adore the Satchel, but feel like the Seventies is a better deal. That might be true, but I think you should go w/what you love b/c you're more likely to use it more. And the more you use your bag, the more worth it the bag becomes. Just because a bag is on sale & a good deal doesn't mean it's the right bag for you-- you gotta really love it.
  7. the Dr. Q satchel handsdown!
  8. Even though I love the bags from the Seventies line, I really like that Dr. Q satchel. I adore grey bags and that one looks particularly gorgeous!! :love:
  9. I would go with the MJ, it is an awesome deal!
  10. It is tempting to buy something because it is such a great deal but I think that you should go for the one you want more, whether or not it's on sale. With that being said, I love the mouse grey my vote goes to the Dr. Q satchel. Good luck on your decision!!!
  11. Get the mouse grey! I love my Dakota tote in that color. Such a striking color.
  12. mouse grey much more versatile as both a bag and a color, and you wont have to worry about it getting dirty. personally, i dont care much for that 70's satchel thingy...
  13. Wow - the consensus appears to be the Dr. Q. I wish I could get both. I just can't seem to shake that $474 price tag. Everytime I've been at Nordstroms I've picked that bag up, tried it on and played w/the soft leather. I luv the chain strap, but you're right - the Ivory/White color does scare me!!! But the leather on that bag - OMG! So soft (I just wish it had suede lining - it's definitely the type of bag that deserves suede lining!)

    I guess I'll probably pass on it - I think before I decide for sure tho, I'll call the MbyMJ boutique & make certain the Dr. Q is still there (I'd hate to pass on the Diana & then find out the Dr. Q was sold!)

    Now if I were lucky enough to find the Diana in that gray color - that would have been a no brainer!!
  14. I voted for Dr Q also!! It really sounded like you were totally in love with the bag, and I agree that you shouldn't be tempted to buy a bag because it's such a great deal. And just think... if that Diana was sitting there on the sale table for so long, there are probably a bunch floating around out there that might end up on ebay for even cheaper! :graucho:
    Good luck with your decision!!!!
  15. Maybe Nordstrom could locate a grey MJ Diana for you?
    Personally I prefer the style of the Diana over the MBMJ a lot.
    It's just the color ivory I don't care for......