Please help me decide

  1. I am looking at 2 bag from prada; one is the antik cervo hobo and the other is pocket tote. Both are in black color. Which one is better choice? I like the hobo one more, but it's flat and I am afraid it may not hold all my needs.:confused1:
    BGV001Q_mn.jpg BGV8957_mn.jpg
  2. Hard decision. I just saw the hobo the other day and I really liked it. I tried it on and it was very comfortable. I think it depends on your needs. The tote is nice, because it has the two outside pockets. I like hobos because they're great casual bags, even though some people don't like that they tend to sag when they have stuff in them.
  3. i like the hobo better
  4. #1
  5. Hobo.
  6. I really like the second bag. I love black handbags because they're easy to take care of. Also, I really like the shape :o) Hope you get it!