Please help me decide

  1. i got two bags that wanted to use on rainy/snowy days to give my chanel a break. got the lv neverfull mm and this prada during the neiman sale for about $690


    i can't decide between the two. what do you think? the neverfull mm was a little over $600.
  2. i LOVE the prada! the nylon is pretty classic, i love the hardware and you just can't kill this bag!
  3. Neverfull!
  4. LV Neverfull.
    I use an LV Batignolles Horizontal as my throw around bag to protect my Chanels, it's so fantastic and maintenance free I'll probably add another LV soon.
  5. You can probably fit more in the LV, but the top is open. Will water get in the bag if it's snowing/raining hard?

    I'm going to vote Prada since it has the zip top.
  6. I prefer the LV. These nylon Pradas look like they were made out of a ski parka.
  7. I vote for the Neverfull, but I just don't personally care for the nylon Pradas.
  8. balihai88

    ^LMFAO! You crack me up! Witty girl, I love your posts!
  9. Hi "M"! :love: I prefer the neverfull! The GM neverfull is on my own wishlist! I got my mom the MM neverfull and she and her friends just adore it!
  10. It's a cute style, but I don't like nylon bags.