Please Help Me Decide!!


What would you do?

  1. Keep Both! They're hard to find and Pewter is a great color.

  2. Keep the City! It's a classic!

  3. Keep the Day! It's a fun bag!

  4. Ow! My Eyes! My Eyes! What's up with the Vegas Bling?

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  1. Ladies, I need your b-bag advice!!! My style is pretty neutral colors usually. I have always liked the pewter color, but typically, I don't do metallics because I find it a little loud for me. Anyways, I decided to take a leap and see whether they would work for me. I do like both of the bags styles and have been wanting a day bag for a while. I have always loved the light blue day-bags (with the exception of the poodle one) :yes: What would you do if you were me? Keep both? The city? The day? Or it's just too much bling? Here are some pics to help.

    Thanks again! You're all the best!!! :flowers:
    PewterCity1.JPG pewter hobo1.JPG pewter hobo2.JPG
  2. hey BalenciagaLove
    which style would you tend to use more? i think they're both great styles... i'd keep them both! hehehe!
  3. if you like the day bag style best, then it is the one you should keep! I love the pewter, I dont think it's too blingy at all in either size. :smile: The pewter weekender on eBay recently i think was too blingy... but these sizes are a good size. just very funky and most of all fun!
  4. Pewter is my favorite metallic color! You're a very lucky girl! I would keep the City in this case. I think it looks better in metallic. The day bag would look great in ink. If you decide not to keep the City let me know.;)
  5. Helen, I would use them all actually. I cycle my B-bags for use. I actually work my wardrobe around the B-bags. :flowers: Wow, I just read what I wrote. Lately, I've been using the heck out of the twiggy! :biggrin:
  6. BalenicagaLove.... yeah keep them both!!! :amuse: wee hee b-bags!!!
  7. yowza, i say keep the metallic day BalenciagaLove, it's gorgeous!!!
  8. The Day looks gorgeous in that shade, it gets my vote!
  9. I'm a city girl! It is SO hot in that color!
  10. the city looks great!
  11. I agree!! I don't really like metallics, but I do like this one in the day style. If I were to get a pewter in any style it would be the day definitely.
  12. I love the pewter--in terms of metallics I think it's quite understated, not too blingy at all. I would keep both, but if you decide to only keep one you should keep the style you find most enjoyable to carry. Both are fabulous so you can't go wrong!
  13. Go for the Blingy. Metallics are Pretty.
  14. i love love love pewter and am still looking for a pewter first!
    i would keep both bags and only if you absolutely must sell one, i'd keep the city.
  15. Love the city, BL!!