Please help me decide......


Which one should i get?

  1. Sienna Brief

  2. Violet City

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  1. Im torn between the Sienna Brief and the Violet City....I can only afford one:crybaby:, cos im also getting a Grenat work and Magenta city.
    Here are pics of the two bags....i've never seen the brief style in real life, but i like the pics i saw here on the forum:heart:. The brief is the last one left in the store, the leather looks very thick however one side of the leather is slightly veiner than the other.
  2. I voted for the sienna brief. I'm not really a fan of the brief style but I love sienna :heart:. I think it's a lot more versatile and wearable than violet :yes:
  3. I voted for Violet City. Sienna is very pretty, but Brief is HUGE! I think City style is much more practical. Well, I have to confess -- I am a City fan. :p
  4. ^^ yay, welcome back to bal girl :yahoo::wlae::heart:

    p.s. i voted for the sienna brief (droooooool!!!)
  5. If you care at all about resale value, get the Violet City! Plus, I think it's way more practical. If it were between the Violet City and a Sienna City, I might have recommended the Sienna City because the color would be more versatile. I just don't like the Brief style, and I don't think very many people do (certainly not compared to the City).
  6. Thanks ladies, keep the votes coming!!:woohoo::p

    Hehe~:lol:I'm back to my "first" love after almost 2 years playing around with LV and Chanel......:love:it feels soooo good!! Lol
  7. Violet City.:tup:
  8. Welcome back, bb!! Love, love, love the violet city!! :heart: :tup:
  9. 100% violet city!! i just got my violet first and it's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen!! :love:
    also, the uneven leather on the sienna turns me off... i've had a blueberry day like that once, and while in the beginning i loved the fact that its unusual... when it got broken in.. it ended up looking weird :sad:. Like partially melted plastic.
  10. p.s besides... check out that leather on the violet city!! perfection!! :nuts:
  11. Welcome back!!!!! And congrats on the Magenta City and a Grenat Work:heart:

    I have to say the Sienna Brief, I love love love the Sienna color, and from the pics, the leather looks gorgeous and smooshy, not dry at all:shrugs:
    I have the Sienna Work that I adore to death...the color is sooo versatile and it practically goes withe everything while giving that "neutral pop". I have a Violet MU that I love, but between these two color I have to say the Sienna.
  12. Yea..thats the only thing bugs me, I really really like the the less even thing will not getting better with use, right?
  13. I'd almost wait for a different one. I love that violet City, but with the colors you already have, something like Sienna would be really pretty and different. Maybe you could find a different Sienna that you like??
  14. Its the last one left in the store, i don't know when they'll get more Sienna in. Im goin overseas next month, i wanna get the bag before that so i can get 10% tax back.
  15. I voted for the violet city ... my fave color, so yummy!