Please help me decide!!

  1. Should I keep this gucci chain large hobo in python? It's from cruise'08 collection.The color is gorgeous, and the python skin looks terrific in this metallic black color. However, it's too big in my opinion and also the python skin feels really scaly and weird. I am also afraid that the scale is going to curl up after a few use. Please help me decide. I get it at 50% off from neimanmarcus store nearby because they mislabel the price.
  2. this bag looks amazing...
    but i've been trying this bag in classic monogram..
    and for me it's too big wearing on my shoulder....
  3. I've learned that even if it's a good deal, it's not worth it if I'm not going to use it. It doesn't sound like you're that crazy about the bag, so maybe you should return it and get something you really like.
  4. If you don't love it return it. But if you think you will regret it keep it
  5. kiss_p i agree... if you don't really love it the price tag does not matter so much... put the $$$ into a bag you can not live without!!
  6. Wow, NM honored the wrong price!! that's awesome.. but too bad you're on the fence about the purse. The bag is GORG but if you are having doubts and not totally in love with it, i would take it back. no matter how good a price is on something, it def isn't worth it.
  7. I personally like the shape of the bag but once I tried it on me, it sits kinda funky on my shoulder and opted not to buy it. I think if you already questioned ur decision, you wont be using ur bag much so might as well return it.