Please help me decide...

  1. Hello fellow YSL fans! Am contemplating my next purchase and I wonder if you can give me a boost. Should I get the o/s Muse (like the black patent) or the large Downtown carryon(also in black patent)? Currently I own the large black platent quilted mock croc and a medium black patent downtown. TIA!
  2. since you have 2 downtown bags, I think you should get the muse - it would be your more structured bag.
    Nice collection!
  3. agree with alisonanna...get an o/s size muse!!! and if u are really into patent, then get the patent one...and if u want a totally different bag this time...get a os muse in black, ivory, violet or tan...(i know violet and tan are on sale at the would be a good deal to get either of them)...let us know when u decide it:smile:
  4. I think you should consider branching out from black patent. :yes:
  5. Thanks ladies, I know I should steer away from black patent for a while, but after trying on several different colors and skins of the o/s Muse, I just keep getting drawn back to YSL's black patent :shrugs:. Sorry for the omission, my large black patent quilted moc-croc is a Tribute, NOT a downtown...does this change the outlook for my next purchase?
  6. I would definitely round out the collection with a Muse over another Downtown piece.:tup:
  7. Go for the OS muse! It does not make sense having two black patent downtown handbags.

    BTW, there is an actual black patent downtown carryon if that is what you are truly looking for. The carryon actually zips all the way, unlike the downtown handbags, and it comes in two sizes.

  8. Thanks for all the input so far ladies! Please keep them coming as I am thinking I should decide by next week.

    The choices are o/s Muse or the downtown carryon luggage. I thought maybe since the Muse is now a classic, iconic bag, it'll be available for purchase for a looooong time...whereas the Downtown luggage, I'm not sure if they'll keep producing those or it might be a limited issue since the demand my not be so great as handbags(vs luggage). I like looking coordinated when I travel so I can use the medium downtown as my handbag and the large carryon downtown as just that, a carryon piece, but I do love the Muse though...

    I'm officially suffering from YSL-induced insanity :wacko:...
  9. Here are the culprits, err, I mean choices:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    o/s Muse vs large carryon Downtown

    Muse to round out my handbag collection, or Downtown to coordinate my travel needs?
  10. gosh, I really like that downtown, and I like your logic about it.

    so in terms of the YSL-induced (in)sanity, if you are going to end up with both eventually, I would go for the travel bag first. But in terms of day-to-day, I would go with the Muse, since it would get more use than a travel bag (unless you travel lots?).

  11. Oh gosh, you get me! WHEW:girlsigh:! I'm starting to feel really OC about this!

    I travel the usual amount(summer vacations, resort season, spring getaways), but felt a little uhmm, common:sweatdrop: with my LV 24heures, carryall, boite flacons combo at the airport. Am even considering consigning the 24heures because it seems the monogram is everywhere now :shame:.

  12. If you do the downtown carryon, you can later get the matching rolling cabin bag. The carryon has a strap that actually attaches to the handle of the cabin bag, so you can roll both at the same time! I have a full set of LV luggage, and I know what you mean as far as LV being a little *too* common, nowadays. People (at least from my standpoint) don't even look twice at LV anymore. I think the YSL luggage will definitely be a show stopping piece! :drool:
  13. Tee-hee, that's the plan Fallenone! I wanted to be different from all the chic LV travellers(presently myself counted;)) and aqcuire the Downtown travel pieces, sadly, one by one, before they stop producing them. I did love monoLV forever, until it started feeling tired to me. Maybe I'm just crazy and the craving for new bags never stops :confused1:.

    Oh I love this forum, gives me a chance to find those who appreciate beautiful bags!
  14. I know exactly what you mean. I pray everyday that this craving for new handbags will stop... but alas, here I am telling myself that I do not have a problem! :roflmfao:

  15. hey...go for the o/s croc embossed muse in black...
    the reason is because then u will have 3 different ysl bags with 3 different black patents leather (plain, croc quilted, croc embossed), which is a greatest collection of YSL...
    one of my SA said...YSL will continute making patent bags because they wanna give people an image of patent leather bags are YSL...(like monogram is lv)
    another reason is croc embossed muse is the lightest muse of all kind of leather...and i think this is also important too...:tup::yahoo::p