Please Help Me Decide

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  1. I will be getting three Chanel bags in a bit. A GST for school, traveling, and toting in general, a medium classic flap for everyday, and a small classic flap for partying. My issue is deciding on a color combo. I am sure they will not be my only Chanel bags, but they are going to be my first Chanel bags (I do have three pairs of sunglasses and a wallet) and I am really unsure of what colors I should get, here are my ideas.

    A. Black GST, black medium, pink small
    B. black GST, plum medium, black small
    C. white GST, black medium, pink small
    D. white GST, plum medium, black small
    E. pink GST, black medium, white small
    F. black GST, red medium, white small

    please comment, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I would definitely narrow it down off the bat to a black GST so that leaves A, B, and F.

    Personally, of those choices I would get either F or B. I'm leaning more towards B since I do love the plum color and I think that your small classic flap should definitely be black because you plan on using it for partying. :yes: If you were to get a pink or white small classic flap and bring it to a party, it might get spilled on. Just my two cents!

    PS- I'm pretty sure the plum medium is EXTREMELY hard to find. Did you happen to find it somewhere? I know some other people here on TPF were looking for it after seeing Mischa Barton with a plum flap.
  3. i agree with missisa07! i have the small flap in black with gold hw and it goes with everything..! a gst in black would be my choice too.. as for the medium i think you should choose a color you like most and would be best fitted as an everyday bag.. since my clothes are pretty much in the same colors i would choose a bag that matches my wardrobe ;) and missisa07 is right about getting drinks spilled onto the bag.. i've had drinks spilled onto my bag and i thank God it's black..hope that helps! good luck!
  4. you guys are super helpful

    i have decided to definitely get a small in black and a medium in plum or red or pink or maybe even white but i am still unsure of the GST color (and the medium color, i cannot make up my mind!)

    and even if plum is hard to find, there are ALWAYS ways to find it... but do i want it bad enough?
  5. ^For me personally, I can be boring with colors. I prefer to limit my Chanels to either red or white, although I would love to get my hands on a blue fonce jumbo. I like to have bags that will be easy to match with any outfit.

    Let us know if you can find a plum medium flap! I know they're no where to be found on eBay and last I heard they were sold out in department stores and Chanel boutiques. I think the red would be slightly easier to find, although the red flaps sell out extremely quickly too.

    Because the GST is a tote and would be used to carry a lot of things, I'd get it in black. The white is gorgeous as well, but for what it is, black would be the most practical.
  6. Option A for me, as I think they are going to be the easiest to find firstly! and secondly, the GST if you are gonna have it as your main tote, imo needs to be black for sure.

    Oh its a lovely dilemma to have tho ;) choosing which bags to buy
  7. i would go with option F.. can't wait for pictures!!
  8. B or F...either combo would be TDF! :love:
  9. this combo black GST, plum medium, black small
  10. I would go with the black GST. Re: the medium you may want to look at the red or the purple reisse that are expected for Spring 08. Who knows if a plum will show up on eBay or if it will be real. Same re: red. If you really want a classic medium have you thought of beige?
  11. ITA! The black GST is a great everyday bag that goes with everything and always looks chic and appropriate, the medium size is a good size to play around with color and a black small is a fantastic choice because it's the perfect dressy/evening bag!
  12. i dunno, i dont really like beige very much