Please help me decide

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  1. I'm thinking of buying myself a Xmas gift and can't decide which one. Here are the 3 that I like (wish I have money to buy them all!):

    Damier Trevi PM
    Manhattan PM
    Tivoli PM

    This will be my second LV, (I only have the Azur Saleya PM). I'm 5.2' and petite frame, I want a bag that's elegant, which one of these should I buy ? I'm planning on visitting the boutique next weekend (after the Tivoli is launched) so I can try all 3, but I want to ask your opinions on which one would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. I like the tivoli and the trevi - i love the pleats in them. I also like that you can make it a handheld bag or a shoulder bag. I'm not that big a fan of the manhattan - i don't think it's very elegant. It's more of a day bag to me. i would just go see all of them. i'd like to see what the tivoli looks like in real life.
  3. I like the Trevi and then the Manhattan. Not a fan of the Tivoli from what I've seen so far. But the Trevi is the epitome of elegance!