Please help me decide!!

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  1. i have been lurking around this forum for a while...browsing and asking questions etc and i decided to splurge on my first balenciaga....tho i will have to sell one of my paddies to partially fund it. abit guilty for diverging away from chloe but i love the colours balenciaga comes out with...very nice!

    anyhoo...i decided in getting violet as the colour but i majorly stuck between two styles...twiggy or city! what bags looks better with violet, both do? does the twiggy fit quite a bit? is it round about the same size as a paddington bag? i have been reading that 05 leather were the best..are the 07 leather smooshy? will it soften up in time? part of me is verging more to the twiggy as i feel the colour goes well with it! but i dont know i fink the city will fit more but i worry the colour is a bit wow for me...should i go with my heart and settle for the twiggy as my first? its not that bright in real life is it?

    Help!!! :confused1:
  2. Hi pekie, just posted this link on your other thread:

    I used to love Chloe, but would never go back to a Paddington now as a Balenciaga is just so light and easy to carry in comparison!

    '05 leather is great - thick and wrinkly but i've found the F/W '07 leather comes very close and in the case of my plomb Day Hobo, the leather is nicer than my '05 First.

    I have a Violet Courier and if i'm honest i am disappointed with the leather which is quite veiny but having said that i've seen photos of other violets on here and the leather is tdf, i guess it's luck of the draw.

    The leather does begin to slouch and soften and get better with age.

    IMO i don't think the colour is too bright, but it is a bit of a chameleon, if i wear it with black it blends nicely if i wear it with say white and light blue jeans it looks bright and makes an outfit 'pop.'
  3. thanks! just cause when you see in the pics it looks really bright cause of the flash. really lovin balenciaga colours but i think after violet i might get a classic colour..tho it will be a while..well unless i sell all my chloes haha
  4. also abowron, can declare the value to be lower? if so do you request it during your check out? thanks
  5. hi pekie. i suggest you search the shopping forum for posts relating to ordering with diabro. loads of info in that forum. btw, they do ask if you want them to declare a lower value. what you can do is email them before and after you place your order. i just want to say that you should be aware that this is a risk. seems to operate a little differently when it comes to customs declaration, but it's just my guess, so i shouldn't say more ;) maybe in the end, they both follow a certain (maybe similar) guideline on the lowest value they'd declare according to the price of the bbag. i hope i make sense.
  6. i vote for city :p
  7. I am always torn between the city and the twiggy
    I say get violet and get the twiggy
  8. Get a city!! The city is by FAR my favorite style and is a great pick for your first Balenciaga bag IMO!!
  9. My vote DEFINITELY goes for the City! Maybe you could do the city in a popping color and then a Twiggy in a neutral down the road. I think it's good to start with a bag that can carry more, but that's just me!
  10. Twiggy! I think violet looks best in the twiggy style :yes:
  11. It must be the Violet City!!!!
    I love my violet city dearly and it's really very stunning IRL. Violet is this season most wanted colour so again it has to be the Violet City!!! JMO anyway!!!

    Good luck!
  12. hmm... i agree with what everyone is saying..argh if money is no options then its one of each!! i will let you know the outcome.... i know this wont be my only balenciag...can see the obsession growing...
  13. I vote for the City! I had a black Twiggy but I sold it, it was too small and too sausage-esque for my taste, and I bought a black City that very day. I love the City style, I thought I wouldn't because of it's squarishness, but it's lovely!
  14. I vote for the city, I find the twiggy also too sausage style for me... since I have so much stuff! the twiggy is cute in violet though!
  15. go for the violet city!!!!!!!