Please help me decide ....

  1. I have been offered a jumbo in white caviar and also in navy blue patent. Which one should I get? I love both and could not decide.
  2. navy ble patent! at least lesser maintenance! :drool:
  3. If you want something that's going to be extremely limited and hard to find, get the navy patent. Like said, it's also going to be much much easier to maintain.

    In terms of looks though, I'm sooo partial to the white jumbo. :yes: Caveat is that obviously white is harder to keep clean.

    You can always get white, but I've heard the navy is near impossible to find.
  4. I'd choose the blue patent.
  5. I like the white
  6. navy blue patent!
  7. Navy blue patent for sure! Just get the white later ;).
  8. ^ I agree!
  9. Both are lovely, but right now I am absolutely in love with the Navy Patent Jumbo! My vote is for that bag.

  10. i like white :p
  11. Thanks ladies !!! I am now leaning towards Navy Jumbo too :yes:. I will let you know how things turn out.
  12. Navy blue patent