Please help me decide


Which should be my next bag

  1. Speedy 35

  2. Batignolles Vertical

  3. Batignolles Horizontal

  4. Mono Cles and Damier Pochette

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  1. Ok well last week my best friend bought me a ludlow in Amarante when I went to visit her in Vegas. Problem is she loved the color, I'm not really into it and It's a bit too small for my taste. I asked her if it would be ok to exchange it for something else and she said that'll be fine. So I'm looking to spend about $400 more for another bag. So around $750 total.

    I already Have:
    Mono speedy 25
    Damier 30
    Black MC Speedy
    Mono Papillon 30
    Mono Pochette
    Cabas Piano
    Cherry blossom: Papillon, carnet de bal, and pochette
    3 cles: Black Mc, Perle and indigo

    So Should I get (or if you any suggestions please let me know!)
    Speedy 35
    Batignolles Vertical

    Batignolles Horizontal

    Mono Cles and Damier Pochette:

  2. Azur speedy 30 to round out your collection!
  3. I was considering getting one, but I'm not sure if I like the "lightness" of the color. :confused1:
  4. The BV! Gorgeous, practical, and less common than the ubiquitous BH.
  5. I voted BH!
  6. Bv!!!
  7. Batignolles Horizontal gets my vote. :yes:
  8. Batignolles Horizontal
  9. BH ~ very practical bag!
  10. BH for me too!
  11. either of the batignolles :smile: