Please help me decide...

  1. I went to the Coach store with my cousin (big mistake as she is such an enabler)! I am not sure if I should keep any of these bags that I purchased during PCE. I'm wondering if these bags are too trendy. Please help me decide which one to keep or return. Thanks!

    [​IMG] I normally don't do patchwork but the colors are so beautiful. I really like this bag but I am wondering if it is just a trendy bag. Will I be able to use it next year? What do you think? I also bought the matching wallet...

    [​IMG] I purchased the large hobo in parchment. I really like the color and I think the belt compliments this color very nicely. I don't own any white bags so I am wondering if it will be difficult to care for? Also, can I use it in the winter in NYC?

    [​IMG]I really love this plum color! I am just wondering about the belt on this bag. Do you think the belt is too much in this color?

  2. I really love the plum hobo. I think it is the most classic of these 3 bags, and the one you will be able to keep & use the most & the longest.
  3. I vote for the plum.. beautiful! :tup:
  4. I almost got the plum hobo until the SA brought it out and I saw plum and black streaks on the bag. Coach didn't do a very good job on dying that particular bag and that totally turned me off so I got the Legacy should bag in brown sig.
  5. I like the plum and the white. The white I would use in the summer, though. I'm not big on patchwork. But if you like it, you should keep it!
  6. My favorite is the white, I think it looks the most expensive and classic in person.
  7. I love the plum but honestly thought the pw was so gorgeous in person and I like the big pocket on the front with the turnlock. I think it could def be used for years to come provided that the suede hold ups (which in those colors, I think it will)
  8. I vote for the parchment. I agree with Mokey that it looks the most expensive and classic in person.

    Good Luck with your choice! Decisions, decisions.......
  9. I saw all those three bags in the store. The patchwork is so beautiful but in my opinion would not be as versatile as the other two leather bags. It might be hard to care for. I did not like the plum when I saw it. The parchment is more classic and the belt really adds a touch of elegance to it. I vote for the parchment.
  10. I would go with one of the leather hobos. I haven't ever had any luck with suede and it scares me! I love the plum but the parchment would work year round also.
  11. I like the parchment best. however, I think the plum is the most versatile, especially with fall coming up.
  12. Get the plum! The color is luscious and ever-so-beautiful in person. Surprisingly, it's a very wearable color that goes with almost everything.
  13. I love the parchment! I saw it IRL and it's gorgeous! And yes, it could be worn in winter with the right outfit, IMHO!
  14. Oooooooooh!! PLUM!! The parchment is nice, but I'd be afraid of getting colored scratches on it...
  15. Hmm....this is a tough one. I like the look of the white hobo the most, caz I LOVE a white leather bag....the only problem is they get dirty so second fave is the plum leather hobo (probably the one I would end up keeping because I am too scared to have a white leather bag...haha). They are all gorgeous though. And I don't think the belt is too much for the plum. I think it compliments the color very well and looks chic!