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Which Bag

  1. Chelsea Vintage Satched

  2. Legacy Satchel

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  1. I bought the Chelsea Vintage Leather Satchel and am now thinking maybe I like the Legacy Satchel better.

    I am looking for an everyday bag to carry with my computer backpack. The Chelsea is totally cute but the Legacy so beautiful. The legacy could be heavy though.
    Which do you think? Help me decide.
  2. I Like the Legacy Satchel Better. I like the '07 version better than the '06... That strap over the top is a PITA IMHO.
  3. I like the look of the Legacy better. Maybe go to a store and test the weight. If its too heavy, stick with the Chelsea. If the weight is about the same, go with Legacy! :yes:
  4. My SA told me the Chelsea line is going to be sent back soon..So you may see them in your nearest outlet in the near future. I love the Legacy bags! they are gorgeous!
  5. I like the LOOK of the Legacy satchel better, but it's so heavy!! I don't know how heavy the Chelsea is, though, but I'm assuming it's lighter because at the very least there isn't that much hardware.

    To me, if something looks good but is going to wear my shoulder off, I won't get it... As much as I love my denim Carly, it's heavy compared to the rest of my Coach bags (and all my tokidoki are made of rip-stop nylon - light as a feather) so I use it sparingly.
  6. Legacy satchel!
  7. Thanks ladies!!!
    I exchanged it for the legacy...and the store gave me the PCE discount I would have gotten last week!!! Yippie!