Please help me decide

  1. After looking at Larkie's marais flap I am in love! I really love the size, the leather but I don't know if I can do dark brown. So far I have 3 black flaps and 1 black doc satchel. I wear a lot of blacks, pink, greys. Do you think I can do a brown bag? I don't know if I should get it? what do you ladies think? Plus I am supposed to be on a ban but I can't help it......this will be the last bag for a long long time.........please share your thoughts?
    many thanks!
  2. Well, brown would go with pink and depending on the shade could go with grey. It would be good to get something different than black since your other purses are all black.
  3. I love brown. It goes well with pink and with red too. Some people don't like brown and black together, but I do. I wouldn't do brown with gray though.
  4. No idea what I would get if I was you based on the information you gave - but good luck...whatever you get you will love it that I am sure of.:smile:
  5. thanks i think i will get it. initally i wanted to get it in the dark gray, but my sa said it didn't come in dark gray only on the bowler.
    thanks for helping me!
  6. Congrats on your decision! I love brown and find myself reaching for it more than black. It's a luscious color :heart:
  7. Congrats on going for it. Post pix when it arrives. :smile:
  8. the brown marais is a TDF shade...i think you will get a lot of use out of it. I use my brown bags like black bags--a great basic color that works for most outfits. as ronsdiva said, you already have a lot of black flaps. time to share the love with a chocolate bag! yum yum!

    ps: well i put myself on a ban, too, but look what happened hehe
  9. thank you so much Larkie! btw, i will kill for your collections........
  10. I think Chanel's brown is TDF ... I have a brown BV, Muse, LVand SPY, but the color on the MC flap that I have is different and yeah it may not go with certain color in terms of outfits, but personally, I like the pink and brown combo and I tend to wear a lot of black - especially in the fall so it is a nice change of pace, classy and understated ... or if you wear red, you have that color pop, so the brown would be a nice variation of black ...
  11. That brown Les Marais leather is beyond gorgeous! It's really tempting me, but so far I have been good and have been able to resist. Let's see how long my self-control will last. :sweatdrop:

    I wear my brown bags with my black clothing frequently now. This is one fashion rule that is meant to be broken in my opinion.

    -Stephanie (pond23)