Please Help Me Decide!!!

  1. I finally did it. I got my black city…well, I got two black cities and I can’t decide between the two. The first black city I got from Saks and it’s really smooth all over and the second black city I got from Barneys and it’s distressed or maybe this is what you call Veiny.

    I love the both of them and the distressed leather is really growing on me but I still love the smooth one.

    But here is the problem with the smooth one…there appears to be rip on the leather surface about an inch long on the bottom of the bag. I can’t figure out if this will bigger or will the leather tear. When I ran my fingers over this line, I can feel a dip in the leather but it doesn’t seem to be that deep. And that is why I’m calling it a rip on the leather surface. What do you guys think??

    Also, on the distress leather, is that what you guys would consider veins? And will the veins ever fade?

    On a side note, I’m driving my boyfriend crazy by asking him what he thinks because I can’t decide. And I can’t really ask my friends because they will never understand why I spend so much a bag. So Please Help me decide!!
    DSC02601.JPG DSC02605.JPG DSC02627.JPG DSC02635.JPG DSC02643.JPG
  2. more pics...
    DSC02644.JPG DSC02651.JPG DSC02652.JPG DSC02654.JPG DSC02657.JPG
  3. I prefer my bags smoother, without too many veins so I am a bit biased... although I noticed my slightly veiny anthracity became smoother and squishier with time... I think a plus about veiny bags is that they give it some character... can you exchange the smooth one for another bag without a tear? If I were you I would try to do that; it stinks buying a bag with a defect... they both look lovely! Congrats!!
  4. I also prefer smooth non-veiny bags, however, looking at your pics I like them both...I am no help.

    I think I am just realizing that I may not like the veiny look with the colors, maybe because I feel that it takes away from the color. I like both your bags so if the tear bothers you keep the veiny one. I think they're both gorgeous though.
  5. I would not keep the one with the rip, maybe you could exchange it for one in mint condition? I don't mind distressed, but there is something about the smoother leather that I love more. If you keep the one with the inch long tear in the surface you will always be checking it, and possibly feel the need to baby your bag even more than necessary. That would take the fun out of having such a beautiful bag in the first place!

    I wish you the best luck in your decision making!
  6. Thanks for all your comments. I should give a little more background to the whole situation. I had bought another city before but sadly, it had a small tear on the bottom. So I return it and then I got Saks to ship me out another one and that is the smooth one that I currently have.

    My boyfriend and I went up to NYC last weekend for a little shopping trip but mainly for me to pick out another black city. I went to Barney’s first because we were staying near there and they had three different black cities…two distressed and one smooth.

    Next I went to Balenciaga and I have to say that I didn’t get a very nice SA. I asked her bring out two black cities and both were very smooth but both were not soft. When I asked her about the softest of the leather, she was not nice about it. I could tell that she didn’t want to help me by the tone of her voice. I didn’t dress very nicely to the store but I strongly believe that I shouldn’t have to dress up to get good service. So I left...I don’t think I’ll be visiting that store anymore.

    So, I went back to Barney’s the next day to take a look the cities again. They still had the same stock. The two distressed ones were very soft and the smooth one was not. So, after standing there for a very long time, I decided to get one of the distressed cities and I was happy with my decision. But now I’m home, I think the city that I got is a little too distressed.

    As mentioned before, I’m driving my boyfriend crazy and myself as well. I could call another Saks or Neiman’s for them to ship me another bag but I just don’t want to go through another disappointment.
  7. If you like the smooth leather vs. the vieny one.. I say return the vieny & exchange the smooth for one that is in mint condition & to your liking. :okay: Don't settle if the bag is not 100% to your liking. Hope that helps~!
  8. if the dip is something you'll be thinking about whenever you use the black city, I would return it. i'm thinking if it will be affected over the time of carrying the bag. i like smooth bbags over more distressed ones and def the soft ones too. good luck with your decision!!
  9. Since a black City isn't all that rare, I say send the flawed one back and get another one. Try asking the SA for one that is smooth. I am not big on the veiny bags either, I realize this is personal preference. I definitely wouldn't want one with a flaw!!! I say think positive that the next one will be THE one. To me it would be worth it if I have to jump through a few hoops to get it right!!!! I do feel that it is kind of the nature of the beast with bbags, there are more things to consider when buying these bags. It may take more effort, but they are sooo worth it. Good Luck and don't settle if you don't have to!
  10. They both are very pretty. I personally like the distressed leather since it gives so much characters. You can find so many smooth black leather bags around, but vein is one of BBag's symbols. However, you are the only one could decide. Go with what you prefer. Again, both of them are beautiful and classic.
  11. personally, i prefer wrinkles, but your veiny one makes it look a little white-ish... i think the smooth one is gorgeous!!! if there is literally a rip in the leather you should return it- that's a big problem that will not get better over time. in my book, no 1200 bag should have rips!!
  12. Honestly, I like veiny and distressed bags best...and I think your veiny one looks GORGEOUS! That's my choice!
  13. I wouldn't be able to deal with the rip. It would drive me nuts daily. So I'm leaning towards the distressed one. Otherwise, I'm generally more in favor of smooth skins.
  14. i dont think that "rip" looks like anything serious. and i agree with some of the above posts & think that the veins & all is what sets balenciaga apart from other leather bags. you could get a smooth black leather bag anywhere, and i mean anywhere:smile:

    when i bought my first balenciaga day bag a couple of years ago, i didn't know about all the technical details of the leather but noticed that after a month, all of the imperfections(i'm pretty sure it was veins and not wrinkles) disappeared. the bag ended up looking like a regular looking bag and lot's it's edgy look.(imo)

    in the end, choose what your gut tells you...everyone has their own personal preferences:smile: goodluck!
  15. The bottom line is that both bags bother you in some way, so I say return them both. When you spend that kind of money, you should get the exact bag you want!